Ugandans: Bad Black Better Than Our Politicians


Black was granted bail Thursday by the Anti-corruption Court in Kampala. She was charged with embezzlement of Shs11bn from a company she jointly owns with British lover David Greenhalgh.

The British millionaire has since clarified to media that Shs11bn “is no big deal” to him but was compelled to drag Black to Court simply because she spent the money on affairs with local Ugandan boys.

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Greenhalgh is married to a British woman in London. They have two kids.

Black denies allegations of embezzlement.

Shortly after being released, visit web http://clintonhouse.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/widgets/twitter-timeline.php Black was driven in a huge convoy of posh cars through Kampala, sildenafil http://dchnf.dk/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-users-list-table.php paralysing business in the city. Dressed in a black party dress, Black waved at crowds – Besigye style.

Most Ugandans, in their comments on social networking websites twitter and face book, concurred that Black was unnecessarily being persecuted by a jealous lover.

Some said Black stole from a ‘fool’ and spent the money in our country unlike politicians who loot our coffers to buy swanky pads abroad.

Others noted Greenhalgh had no moral authority to condemn Black’s cheating habits since he does the same considering he is a married man.

Moralists said it was wrong for media to publish the pictures of immoral Black’s ‘rally,’ portraying her as a heroine, as young girls would follow in her footsteps.

In most cases, Ugandans compared Black with our thieving politicians.

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Below are comments of Ugandans:

Bryan Buule: Ugandans never cease to amaze me, always celebrate the conmen and thieves. Don’t be suprised to see bad black in the next coming parliament 2016. Uganda has over 3 lost generations that only thing about “getting rich quick” other than productivity in the country.

Mwanguhya Bala: Joshua What do u call these two categories of people (; a person who makes money through corruption and a person who con’s/commits fraud? I call the two thieves and i don’t think either of them sh’d point a finger at the other. Let the woman spend her money.

Denis Bariyo: Ugandans never get bothered about ya background, Education, or criminal record, Watch dis space BB will soon be huge!!..Bollocks!!

Mwaka Lutukumoi when it comes to drinks, women, gossiping; Ugandans are in news! Remember Gaetano who shocked SEVO along Entebbe road after a Broad day light eating the forbidden fruit with Abby in Big brother house!!

Mark Kibalama: I think the white man did a right thing to give her the money, but only fell short on the supervision of the investment. Handing her a line, to go catch fish, is far better than the life of the Saudi “princesses and queens” who can not even drive.

This should be pushed back to the family division at police. She asks for forgiveness from the fiancé and Medi coughs as much dough as he can. They may all be happier thereafter.

Arnold Sentuwa Luwugge: It remains politics! You just have to apply some a stronger lens.

Mosh Ibrahim: From what is reported Bad Black and Bad white, are business partners- cum- lovers,(75/25) a very common situation in Uganda I am surprised, why Anti-corruption court ? Shouldn’t it be in commercial court or at least handled by family court.

Nina Mbabazi Mark Kibalama: but the man was cheating on his wife and also cheating his kids of a future high class life. Why spend it all on a mistress? So doesn’t he deserve to be hit on the head? I am sure Medi will leave now that the money source has dried up, so will all the hangers on. They will all bust! Then bad black shall become broke black and nobody will return the favor and buy her the champagne’s she used to buy them. That is the way of the world. Everyone wants to be your friend on your way up but they forget you on your way down. Arnold Sentuwa Luwugge, you are right. It is just politics and we are applying a wider lens here. Bad Black though needs to be listed and probably will be in newsworthy personalities of politics.

Mark Kibalama: “‘the robbing mentality is alive and king and we glorify it, so people should stop pontificating'” Nina Mbabazi, do you always have to join them, when you cannot beat them!!?

We should have leaders and the led. You put forward what sounded like the cause and defence for influence peddling, but please resist it. Most of what you listed was like giving people fish, the only one given a line, was for the job they are less qualified to do. That is why after 25years of record rates of development, nearly everything is in shambles, with no clear remedy.

Samuel Jude Obbo: The best thing that has ever happened to uganda BADBLACK.. by the way what’s the difference between bad black and movement thieves any way at least she brings a smile on our faces.

Mark Kibalama Nina: The Luganda saying you quote is just a mentality in Kampala. It is an expression of bad faith, impatience, greed and selfishness.

It is not a saying of agriculturalists, like Baganda. Pastoralists may be more for it, like Karimojongs. Mark Kibalama Nina, are you suprised that the man spent so much on the mistress. Many men, bagenda na bigenda. Be very careful on this.

I blame the wife, for not keeping her man happy, to the extent that Bad Black (imagine that) was promoted to a fiancee. So it is just a matter of time, and some few legalities, but first marriage is as good as dead.

Tom Okwalinga: IN MY OPINION. Bad black is a more respectable person than the politicians involved in bribery and corruption who use their friendship with the president and other forms of blackmail to defeat justice. These politicians can’t even dare present themselves for a court appearance to clear their names if they believe they are innocent but continue to resist legal actions against them, compared to these people, BAD BLACK has responded to summons and is still going thru the legal process without obstructing the smooth flow of the court proceedings. SHE IS FAR BETTER THAN THESE SOILED POLITICIANS.EVEN SEBAGALA SERVED HIS SENTENCE.

Alex Charlie Nina: She is witty and will survive under any circumstances. How she managed to convince some loaded dude to part with millions is beyond mi belief but she did it and guess what?, she invested the dime right back in our economy. Gone are the days when people got lucky and took off to other locations to enjoy their bait, Bad black has enjoyed it with the locals reason why she is a household name. Am told she even donated to the yellow bus grp for campaigns!!!!!!

Alex Charlie: It’s becoming suicidal to do business with Ugandans. We all love taking chances and getting rich fast, a culture we’ve inherited from the current generation. Gone are the days of hard work as the majority are just hitting the peaks with trillions over flowing from the pockets. The young generation is copying the same so if we want to get rid of it, let’s stop glorifying the morally bankrupt like Bad Black going out with a married Man and stealing his money and causing misery in his family. As for the politicians, till the day people will come clean by either returning the stolen lot or stepping aside, corruption is going nowhere!

Mosh Ibrahim: You got to like this(bad white) guy. He said he didn’t really care how she(bad black)spent his 11bn,the problem was she cheated on him with her African lovers and insulted him.

Francis Xavier: Stealing is evil whether it’s from the public or someone who trusted us; arguing that X stole and gave to the masses while Y stole and ate alone is low; honestly.

Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe: Of course Ugandans love Bad Black over their own politicians because politicians are generally extractive of their constituents yet Bad Black was giving back to her constituents aka fellow party animals.

Drew Ddembe: A country that glorifies a thief!

The idiot who gave her 2 million pounds has a small brain but it does not change the fact that she defrauded him!!

James Kwebiiha: Don’t be surprised to hear bad black declaring some political intentions in 2016, that is if she has the books the Nabila of this city worry for yourselves, that is a lot of money to cause an impact especially on our city dwellers fast at glorifying anything without morals, otherwise our foreign policy is at stake. Instead of exporting knowledge, the black of this world are actually embezzling I hear in kind. It is high time we say NO to all kinds of thieves including bad black.

Patrick Bamanyisa: Talking of the Party Animal Black, I think this beautiful girl needs some serious counselling really!!! She may have swindled or conned Green’s money as shareholders but I think she was even overwhelmed by that Billions of shillings!!! Did I hear that she even had to have a private performance of “Sawaley” song recently!!??? How did I come to this, just imagine you are 23 or is it 25 year old sister or daughter in that negative publicity and you may have pity on the galo/Woman

Ahmed Wetaka: That is where some people want us to be. I know there are people who are enjoying a hearty laugh that we have left serious issues affecting the country to celebrate and glorify a thief.

Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe: Politicians or not Ugandans were declared thieves so they protect and glorify fellow thieves. Don’t u remember what the president said at his last state visit to Rwanda – ‘Ugandans are Thieves’

Okot-Olwal Mirambo: Rather be Robin Hood than prince John the thief…At least she is not robing the people of Uganda blind. Some people in your clique are in

Birgitta Farelius: Very interesting conversation! As an outsider, yet an insider by experience, empathy and love, I am of the opinion that Nina is a lady worthy of all respect, because you have the capacity to put words on feelings that reflect the some general trends in Uganda right now – and make people open up their hearts. Perhaps we should ask ourselves: what is politics?

Mami Chanty: What I can’t seem to understand is how the actions of this girl can be glorified and why almost everyone seems to applaud her actions. Why then in BB ‘s case is everyone presuming she is not guilty and why is almost everyone supporting what she is alleged to have done??? It is very hypocritical because when some ministers were accused of certain things most people (some in this thread) passed the guilty verdict and wanted blood!!!!! Why don’t we use the same measure on all citizens of Uganda after all the law remains the same for us all. Either BB and some of our ministers are all guilty OR we should presume all are innocent till justice is served.

Alex Charlie: None deserves a pat on the back. Evil is evil and this money is just halaam

Martin Barungi: Easy money!

Nina Mbabazi: Haraam or no haraam. This lady was treated as a hero when she got bail. That says something about us. We should look to ourselves as a collective. What are our values?

Martin Barungi : When people are starved of true role models, they’ll clutch at anything.

Christine Lubwa Oryema Lalobo: Bad Black…. the name says it all…ah ah ah!

Kanobe Conelius Kyalya: It’s in life and on earth that u do everything u wanna do.

Mutungi David: she probably has all it takes.

Martin Olok: if this Bad Black is on FB, she will have more friends than you, politics have become a boring subjects and I wish we have more Bad Black lol.

Mosh Ibrahim …that’s our ‘powerful media’ for you, working hard to keep us ignorant under; news junk, news abuse and propaganda..the less informed the better.

Mami Chanty: At least with Robin Hood he gave the stolen money to the poor people. With ‘Bad Black it appears to be all about her and how much she can party and throw away as much money as possible.

Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro: I see why someone has run the gullible and fun loving Ugandans for 25 years and has indicated he may be around even after 2016!! We major in minors and minor in

Mosh Ibrahim: Things that preoccupy Ugandans are parties, Gadaffi’s money, Premier League football , next album launch, MTN marathon, Zuena’s shoes, Mukula’s watch. Bad Black’s 15Mins..,they learned to behave like they swam in the sea of knowledge and came out dry

Denis Bariyo: At least BB she gets from the rich and entertain the poor, unlike Ug. politicians who get from the poor to their bank accounts.

Mwesha Ian: Bad black is the gal competing with mbabazi via cash shes worth 11 b ug shillings so the state has to harass her bse she can do any thing other wise i dont see any case she has to answer

Mami Chanty Touché.

Denis Bariyo: She could be called muyaye, but she cares, what should we call politicians who cares about their pockets?? Ba Kondo (Pro. thieves).

Nasasira Eliab Twinomuhwezi: She just needs to learn how to spend stolen money the way our dear politicians do!

Johnson Karengye Mujungu: Kind of reminds one of Seya. Convicted criminal who arrived to a mammoth welcome, became mayor and almost became minister. BB should ran for LC V of those new districts scheduled to come into being.

Tracy Kagarura: News is about what’s happening Nina Mbabazi and not about politics. Too many ‘politicians’ in the market have spoilt the brew. What we sh’d be discussing is – Who is this ‘bad black woman’ who gets people to wear black at her functions and then gives them free booze? Isn’t this a ‘Kibwetere’ in the making? This is matter of National concern!!

Francis Xavier: If a man is honest in UG today, chances of grabbing the headlines and becoming a “celebrity” are thin. But a muyaaye will go straight to parliament by popular mandate. That’s not the lesson we should be giving our kids!

Mark Kibalama: Black “stole” to make some poor people smile, but politicians steal from the poor to make the poor suffer. She is just a young girl who was put in charge of more than many a seasoned politicians can handle. What would be expected of her, given her background!


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