M7 Warns Gen. Bashir, Sounds War Drums


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This is the first public warning the Ugandan leader is issuing after decades of animosity with the Sudan dictator.

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Addressing a joint-press conference with South Sudanese leader Gen. Salva Kiir at State House, medical Entebbe, help Museveni announced he would use all available resources and time to help Juba leadership defeat Bashir’s aggression.

Referring to the Sudan leader as ‘Bashir’, Museveni warned:

“Bashir must henceforth stop organising aggression against the South. He has to stop. Let him go and deal with the agreements in the north,” Museveni, who was visibly enraged, said.

“We are going to support Southern Sudan in cold and hot sun. Khartoum does not understand the word Sudan means black,” Museveni warned.

Fighting at the border of Sudan and South has in the past days reached peak levels with dozens killed by Bashir’s warplanes.

“We all know that the word Sudan means the land of black people. I must repeat that Sudan is an Afro-Arab country. It was the mistake of Khartoum to manage Southern Sudan as an Arab county. That was a big mistake,” he fumed.

Speaking with fury, the President made it very clear to all and sundry that no one can stop the Southern Sudanese’ right of self-determination.

“Bashir must end this hostility against the South.”

The South was compelled to break away and form a new country simply because the government of Bashir completely failed to promote unity as required by UN and Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

Describing Sudan as a government out of their mind, Museveni said Southerners voted twice to secure Independence from Khartoum.

“How can we support people who are out of their minds?” Museveni wondered.

He further reiterated Uganda’s support to South Sudan in her request to join the East African community.

Uganda and South Sudan share a common cause in championing Pan-Africanism. The SPLA army were Pan-Africanists when they were not in power. Now that they are in government, we shall ensure they live up to their aspirations.”

The timing of the visit has caused unease following reports that a top Sudanese Colonel planned to kill Museveni.

The development underlines the growing tensions between Museveni, who helped SPLA get autonomy and the Sudanese mastermind of Darfur genocide.

Sources in security say mobilisations are being carried out in Southern Sudan to attack and overthrow the Khartoum tyrant, who is wanted for abuse of human rights, mass killings, rape and torture of millions of Southerners.

By press time, the border between the North and South was steadily turning bloody as Khartoum war planes bomb the area. However, rebels groups have made a coalition in the South to ensure the bloody regime of Bashir comes to an end.

Museveni said the incorrect definition of Sudan’s identity as an Arab country caused tremendous and long suffering for the people of South Sudan leading the people of South Sudan to vote for independence on 9th July, 2011.

He also congratulated the SPLA forces, President Kiir and all the people of South Sudan for the great achievement which he described as liberation of South Sudan.

Museveni appealed to the parties of the CPA to implement all the provisions of the CPA as it was signed in Naivasha, pointing out that the Abyei protocol, border demarcation between South Sudan and Sudan, oil issues and popular consultations for the two areas of Blue Nile and South Kordufan must be implemented.

The President said the long struggle of the people of South Sudan for freedom and prosperity has informed the people worldwide that there was a problem in the Sudan.

He said the long suffering of the people of South Sudan and the atrocities committed against them has become history and South Sudan is now a free state.
He expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the people of South Sudan to the Ugandan government for all the support that the country was providing during the struggle.

President Kiir appealed to the Ugandans to take the isolated incidents between Ugandans and South Sudanese as individual matters being instigated by the enemies of a peaceful relation between the two neighbouring countries.


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