BREAKING: Opposition Threatens Protests Over Electricty Crisis


The grisly incident happened after a bus collided head-on with an over speeding trailer along Bugiri-Tororo high way.

Good Samaritans used axes and pangas to extract mashed flesh from the mingled wreckage.

More information will be uploaded soon as it gets available.

Lukyamuzi has a few minutes ago told media in Kampala that he intends to mobilise thousands of Ugandans in the city for a massive strike.

“I am giving government only ten days to ensure every home and industry in the country has electricity. Short of that, sick we are going to settle the matter from the streets, this site ” Lukyamuzi threatened.

The threat comes at a time of boiling discontentment over the acute electricity shortage rocking the country.

Several traders early this week staged a revolt in Kampala to show their discontentment and paralysis of business.

Power distributors Umeme say they are supplied inadequate power.

Energy Minister Irene Muloni told press yesterday that Bujagali power dam which will be opened before the end of next year will end the rampant load shedding.

Muloni said the energy crisis has been caused by low levels of Nile waters at Owen Falls Dam.


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