Last Part Of Uganda's Best Journalists Ready

For us we consider anyone, more about who is employed or self-employed at a media house, cure and uses such a platform to professionally communicate ideas to society, patient a journalist.

We strongly believe not only gallant men and women who have attended journalism schools should be considered journalists.

But also other folks, who have used media houses to communicate beneficial ideas to society, deserve recognition for their journalist work.

In this era, one does not necessarily need to be a news reporter for a media house to be considered a journalist.

The law in Uganda provides that for one to be considered a journalist, one must possess a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication or journalism or a post-graduate diploma in journalism.

However, this has been rendered impractical with the advent of internet. This means bloggers, news website owners and radio talk show panellists can be considered journalists.

Research made by this news website a month ago has been updated. Our committee of internationally-reputed journalists will give verdict tomorrow.

The categories include: Best Investigative Journalist, Best Female Radio Presenter, Best Online Editor, Best Features Writer, Best Society Writer, Most Courageous Journalist, Best Health Reporter, Best Interviewer, Best Political Reporter and Best Talk show Host.

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