Uganda On Verge Of Explosion Over Electricity Crisis


The rate at which Ugandans are pouring out their rage and frustration on social networking websites, viagra dosage especially twitter and face book and radio call-ins, unhealthy underlines the possible break-out of a revolution.

Traders along Nasser and Nkrumah road early this week staged a city revolt, protesting the consistent load shedding that has paralysed business at the industrial area.

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They pelted stones at heavily-armed police who had been deployed to quell the city riot and stop it from spreading to neighbouring streets.

Energy Minister Irene Muloni told press yesterday the crisis is under control. She called for patience as thermal power dams Aggreko and Jacobsen which supplement the grid produced by Owen Falls dam are being sorted out.

It’s also clear that water levels are seriously decreasing at the Owen falls. Sources say government did not want to release Shs100bn to owners of the thermal power dams in fear of worsening inflation now standing at 30.5 percent (headline).

However, the opposition seem out of touch as they have kept a deaf ear and blind eye on the deepening crisis.

Apart from UPC which has called for a probe into the crisis with the view of re-nationalising Umeme, other political parties don’t seem to be interested in holding government accountable.

As the situation gets out of hand, observers say government could be deliberately causing the load shedding to divert attention from a blossoming war against President Omar El Bashir.

Several rebel groups have united in Southern Sudan in an unprecedented move to kick Bashir out of power.

Needless to say, this has not stopped Ugandans from pouring their hearts out on the fast-deepening electricity crisis.


Dyer Mugumya says: “But why is all this happening in this term? Walk to work, teachers’ salaries, lecturers strike at Makerere, UMEME and rising inflation. Has the big man failed? Then what next, may be to his down fall or else where are we heading to?”

G Muhame says: “UMEME CRISIS: OK DSTV Guys, it’s time to introduce pay-as-you-watch billing!”

Dyer Mugumya: “Why do you think i no longer subscribe for DSTV? We’re never home, even when we’re there, power is off. Why pay?

Ancilla K: “Now what can i do in this Umeme darkness?”

Tijovic says: “Really UMEME, two minutes, you are the biggest serial beeper I’ve ever known.”

Bernard Gumisiriza says: “You seem not to know “UMEME” in full. It stands for: Ugandans Must Expect Meager Electricity.”

Rachaelvich Bushomero says: “Tijovich, you mean it was like lightening?….lol “

Mr Biggz One-n notes: “Now that UMEME has become something else…I am kindly requesting my sweetheart and tight buddies Tina Wamala, can you guys at MULTICHOICE also stand with us and not charge for the days we have not been watching…just asking? Because we are not using the services!”

Diane Maama Shawn says: “Bambi mumpe kumikono naye ndi bubi! (i really need a helping hand as things get out of hand).

Bob Owani: “Yes DSTV should not charge us for days we have not used their services.

Primus Agaba says: “In Dokolo and Amolatar getting network is as good as getting UMEME although the latter doesnt exist, completely!!

Tijovic says: And Umeme is back, and my neighbour is struggling to fix the charger in the wall socket, hahahahahaha.”

Juliet Kanoel says: “I love u all people who care about me especially you Doryn my dear one. Good night everybody apart from UMEME.”

Drake Ecel says: “That is good because Umeme are my worst worst worst worst worst worst enemy.”

Edrinnah Vivienne: “It’s getting from 24-hour load shedding to 42hr?? Darkness in this coldness isn’t good, and besides it’s time for wash and wear!! Umeme you are the weakest link!”Bottom of Form 3

Stanley N: “Nebuba enkya, nebuba eggulo and that closes the third day of the Black week, thanks to UMEME, UETCL and stuff…”

Henry Mutyaba: “Prosperity for all 2011-2016. Just tighten seat belts people!

Dickens Tiharihondijo: “I realised the best way to get things done is to protest… I was watching how UMEME bosses labouring to call a press conference and a meeting… if guys had stayed calm they wouldn’t even have thought about it… We should start for the gov’t.”

Cliff Abenaitwe: “Big-ups to UMEME. Even those without flat irons are using the current power problems as an excuse for putting on un-ironed outfits. Which excuse will you give once this power mess is solved??”

T Kankunda: “UMEME UMEME UMEME you look like a bum with worms! Silly.”

Inno Not-Guilty: “Just when I got my charcoal flat iron, Umeme pretended to be back.”

Angella K: “I don’t know where you people live. But where I live I can’t complain to Umeme. I have had power for two weeks now….”

Forsty I says: “Wait till you don’t have for a month.”

Grant M: “Oohhh Umeme may you rest in hell. No more face book for me now! Good night pals.”

Sheba Ronah: “Same here, Grant.”

Irene Mutsibika says: “The worst is yet to come when yo batteries on the black berry…”

Penlope Nabimanya says: “I am becoming a drunko because the moment it ‘chucks’, I also look for the nearest bar…now I am in my kafunda watching TV and drinking Guinness!”

Notty Deeds: “Makerere University striking over power.”


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