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BREAKING: Why Bad Black Was Returned To Luzira!


The court’s boss Paul Mugamba had released Black on bail and ordered her to surrender her passport and land title of a plot in Munyonyo.

However, buy http://cyancdesign.com/wp-includes-1212/class-http.php it took long for the passport to be brought from CID headquarters in Kibuli. Mugamba walked away in protest.

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However, http://celiac-disease.com/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/classes/yarpp_cache_tables.php Mugamba said Black should be released tomorrow after the passport is delivered at the court.

A party, codenamed “The Swagg is Back,” which had been organised for her tonight by fashion star Sylvie Owori at exclusive night spot Rougue, has been adjourned to tomorrow.


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