UMEME CRISIS DEEPENS: Opposition Call For Probe

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abortion "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>Deputy party Publicist Moses Nuwagaba says it was a mistake for government to privatise the entire generation, dosage transmission and distribution of electricity. "sans-serif"; font-size: small;”>”Following demonstrations of members of business communities in Kampala and other districts yesterday, we ask government to investigate circumstances under which Umeme was granted a contract to distribute electricity,” Nuwagaba told press today morning.

“It was a mistake to privatise Uganda Electricity Board (UEB) in the first place. UPC was opposed to the sale of UEB in 2004. UPC knew the country was ripped off. The government officials knew Umeme would exploit their monopoly to bully Ugandans,” Nuwagaba said.

He called for a probe into the privatisation sector. Nuwagaba named Irene Muloni (Energy Minister), Gerald Ssendaula (former Finance Minister), Peter Kasenene and Esther Mulyagonja as four signatories on behalf of government in agreement to privatise Umeme.

The country is reeling in massive load shedding after thermal power generator Aggreko switched off their machines for non-payment of their services by government.

Nuwagaba’s sentiments are shared by Gen. Salim Saleh who insists there were indeed mistakes in privatising UEB.

Ugandans on social networking websites twitter and face book are pouring out their rage for the persistent power blackout. Industries have been crippled; costs of production have escalated and prices of goods are steadily shooting.

Business in industrial areas especially along Nasser and Nkrumah streets has come to a standstill. Traders yesterday had running battles with police as they protested the massive load shedding that has ‘killed’ their businesses.

Hundreds on the social networking sites have threatened to stage a massive “occupy” demonstration at Umeme headquarters in Kampala for its inefficiency.

Umeme say they distribute power generated by power dams and Ugandans should stop complaining.

Umeme say they “know how Ugandans feel.”


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