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viagra buy geneva; font-size: small; mso-bidi-font-family: Cambria; mso-ansi-language: EN;”>The young men had met to discuss the implications of the National Budget which Finance Minister Mari Kiwanuka had just read before the nation and other issues of national importance.

As the cordial discussion progressed, one’s eye caught the attention of the Daily Beast, a popular news website associated with the famous Newsweek magazine.

“Wow, this is ballistic,” Giles Muhame told a colleague. “How about starting a news-breaking website? We need good news analysis because a few analysts the country has are scandalously biased,” a pal responded.

“What does it take to have such a website in place? Don’t we need very sharp, energetic, liberal and flexible chaps?” Muhame, asked.


For starters, Muhame is the first Ugandan journalist to be interviewed by 123 international media houses for his well-investigated human interest stories in two months. He is a regular commentator on world politics, morality, media issues and international human rights on BBC.

Media houses that have carried interviews on his investigative works include Wall Street Journal, CNN, Independent (UK), Al Jazeera, Swedish National Television, Washington Public Radio, Radio Netherlands, Mother Jones Magazine(US), Daily Mail, Washington Post (US), New York Times (US), Telegraph, Guardian, Canada Broadcasting Television and Skynews.

Other media houses that have interviewed Muhame are Reuters, AP, AFP and several newspapers in Netherlands, South Africa (Daily Maverick) and many more, offering him unprecedented international celebrity status.

Muhame, a few months ago, developed a tourism promotion project for government and is a prolific researcher.


Since the Kati Kati meeting, things have been the same again. We decided to carry out research with the view of establishing what it takes to have Uganda’s most vibrant website with uncensored breaking news, in-depth analysis, smart investigations, big interviews, gossip in celebrity world, sports and polls!

After a series of meetings and mobilising and training a few online reporters, we forked out $1,000 to have the website in place. We then wired the cash via Western Union to a renowned web developer in a country neighbouring Russia. On October 12, was already online. How we agreed on that name is a story for another day.

On the same day we concurred that we must have 2,000 hits (number of times a website is visited) by the end of the month. To us, that was a big deal. Why not?

Interestingly, in less than a week, we were shocked to find more than 10,000 hits! Oh dear me! So we chose to set a higher target of 500,000 hits by end of month since our method of work is Result Oriented Management (ROM). After two weeks, we had surpassed our target by 270,000 hits thus scoring a staggering 770,000 hits! In the third week, we decided to set our target at one million hits by end of our first month of operation. What have we found? 3million hits! Isn’t this a mega record. We have now decided to have 500 million hits by end of net June as our target.


We have been covering and updating the country on Run for Fun, a charity project in Kampala aimed at raising money to support the needy. has as well recognised the works of Uganda’s best performing journalists for the year 2011.


The most read story we broke was the recent fatal road accident along Jinja road that left two US evangelists and a top Ugandan pastor dead. The second most read was the killing of Gaddafi which we posted a few minutes after the infamous assassination.

The third was an investigation in which we discovered that American intelligence outfit CIA was fuelling Uganda’s oil tsunami and had provided documents to Western MP Gerald Karuhanga to pin powerful ministers in shoddy oil deals. The most controversial story? “2 UPDF Colonels Arrested Over Somali Massacre!” A top colonel later angrily telephoned our news desk, describing the story as “stupid.”


We have managed to secure an application for mobile phones. This means all and sundry can access as long as their phones have internet connection. You can as well subscribe for news updates on our newsletter application. This means, you can have a news round-up on your mobile phone the moment you wake up from bed! Even before the morning shower! With, be well assured of being the most informed person in the region.

FUTURE PLANS intends to be the most outstanding news website in Africa. Beginning next week, we intend to broaden our coverage to Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Southern Sudan under “E.A Live News.” Top US foreign policy analyst Scott. A. Morgan will be sending us the latest updates on super powers’ policies on Africa on a daily basis. We are as well contacting several scribes for updates on a possible war between Israel and Iran. A top sports analyst Ashraf will be contributing for this great website. The coming weeks could revolutionarise and take the online media in the region to a very competitive level. By the end of this month, will be breaking all latest regional news 24/7. We gonna work like Nakumatt -day and night.

All letters; contributions in areas of politics, sports, entertainment, security and terrorism, tourism, health and sanitation, media, relationships, marriage, religion and human rights will be welcome.

“It’s a news website of the people. Let people talk. Let people express themselves, let people pour out their feelings on this platform,” says Muhame.


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