Uganda's Top 20 Journalists Named

Uganda’s top 20 journalists have been named by East Africa’s leading investigative news website

Researchers took 27 days to compile names of independent-minded journalists whose work has shaped generations.

Research was carried out from October 13 to November 9.

The study was done to motivate the ‘roving eyes’ and inspire young generations into journalism.

“Journalists fight for the rights and welfare of millions of folks, online save their own. Rarely do we appreciate their sweat and blood, order ” said Giles Muhame, this an internationally-reputed journalist who supervised the research.

It was agreed by the mighty that this website’s reporters are not included to avoid conflict of interest and bias.

The website analysed works of reporters and editors of mainstream newspapers, radio stations, tabloids, Television Stations, Magazines and news websites.

Our team carefully scrutinised the recent works of journalists and editors for open-mindedness, vibrancy, accuracy, truthfulness and balance. Investigative human interest pieces had an added advantage. Creative editors were recognised as well as humorous presenters and cartoonists. Areas covered include politics, tourism, health, entertainment and sports. The full list comes out tomorrow at mid-day.


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