NUSUF Honours Prof. Senyimba


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prostate "sans-serif"; font-size: small; mso-bidi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’;”>According to Namayo Mawerere, try the organisation’s publicist, the outstanding personalities will be recognised particularly for their distinguished service to the development and promotion of university sports in the country and beyond.

The officials who will be awarded the accolades include Retired Bishop Prof. Michael Senyimba, Ndejje University Vice Chancellor, longest serving sports administrator, Prof. Era Mugisa and former Makerere University Dean of students, George Kihiguru.

NUSFU is poised to crown the distinguished celebrities at a special ceremony organised during the 14th National University Games which run from December 16- 21, 2011 at Ndejje University Main Campus, Luwero.

Bishop Senyimba is credited for playing a leading role as administrator of the first private university in Uganda in massively supporting the promotion and sports development in the country. Apart from his university producing outstanding sportsmen and women of international repute, Prof. Senyimba has been an exceptional administrator exemplified by the values and virtues he attaches to sports.

Prof. Mugisa and Kihiguru were founders of NUSFU, East Africa University Federation and East and Central Africa University Sports Association (ECSAUSA) and players in many other sports roles in Federation of African University Sports (FASU) and Federation of International University Sports (FISU).

“The award, is what is poised to make the 14th Games edition unique Games because it’s the first of its nature to be given out by NUSFU to celebrities that have variously contributed immensely to university sports development,” says Namayo.


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