Homosexual David Kato Killer Sentenced To 30 Years In Jail


buy "sans-serif"; font-size: 12pt; mso-bidi-font-family: ‘Times New Roman’;”>The development marks the growing independence of judiciary in handling sensitive cases and ends the controversy surrounding Kato’s much-publicised death.

Mukono High Court Justice Joseph Mulangira convicted Enock Nsubuga for bludgeoning Kato to death on January 26 this year.

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Mulangira based his verdict on evidence produced by the lead state prosecutor Loe Karungi and Nsubuga’s confession to the murder that shocked the world.


Karungi told court on the fateful day, at around 8:30am, while having breakfast, Kato ‘demanded’ anal sex from Nsubuga.

“The deceased started kissing, tickling and seducing Nsubuga. However, a one Kizza Akram interrupted the session when he knocked on the door, Karungi told court,” she said.

Shortly after, Nsubuga left for gardening. He returned later and prepared lunch for the deceased.

A few minutes later, Kato again asked for sex!

“It’s time for sex,” Kato ordered Nsubuga, according to prosecution.

Feeling humiliated, Nsubuga tricked Kato by excusing himself in the bathroom, promising to return for sex.

“While in the bathroom, Nsubuga picked a sledge hammer, returned to the living room and mercilessly banged Kato on the back of the head twice,” prosecution said.

After hitting Kato into coma, Nsubuga dragged the deceased to his bedroom before looting the house. Items stolen included a camera, clothings and cell phone.

As he took off, according to prosecution, he threw the keys in Kato’s gumboots in the compound.


On return, Kizza found music blaring loud despite the door being locked from outside. It was after inquiring from neighbours that he got to learn that Nsubuga had sneaked from the house dressed in Kato’s attire.

Out of sheer curiosity, Kizza and neighbours peeped in the window where they spotted fresh blood on the floor of the living room.

Upon forcing their way into the house, they found Kato in a pool of blood, lying unconscious.

He died on his way to Mulago Referral Hospital. A post mortem report carried out at Kawolo Hospital confirmed Kato had died of serious head injuries. Kato had bailed Nsubuga, a well-known village criminal, out of Kawolo prison for unknown reasons. Nsubuga was then on remand for theft of mobile phone.

The killer was later smoked out by police intelligence squads in Mukono.

President Barack Obama sent a condolence message during Kato’s burial. Homosexuality in Uganda is illegal.


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