MEDICAL ANALYSIS: What Really Killed Nabudere?


A source says the report into what caused the untimely death of Uganda’s top academician was handed over to his immediate family a few hours ago. It was prepared by doctors at Mbale Hospital.

The mysterious death of Nabudere has left tongues wagging following revelations he had not complained of any pains shortly before his death.

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Family members were quoted in the media saying despite being diabetic; Nabudere had spent the entire Tuesday jolly before he succumbed to a strange body shock at 2am on Wednesday.

While some have speculated that Nabudere could have died of cardiac arrest or cardiac failure, adiposity his family members said they had never seen the old professor complain of heart complications.

Medical experts say coronary heart disease is the leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest. Many other cardiac and non–cardiac conditions also increase one’s risk.

Cardiac arrest, doctor (also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest) is the cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively.

Family members said Nabudere asked his wife at 2am to provide him drinking water only to find her hubby dead in less than two minutes.

Experts we talked to say if it was a cardiac arrest, generic Nabudere would have first complained of breathing difficulty, which did not happen.

A cardiac arrest happens when blood flow to the muscle of the heart is impaired.

Arrested blood circulation prevents delivery of oxygen to the body which causes lack of oxygen to the brain causes loss of consciousness thus abnormal or absent breathing.

Expert information shows brain injury is likely if cardiac arrest goes untreated for more than five minutes.

However, it’s unbelievable that one would take a whole five minutes to deliver a glass of water to Nabudere who was seated just a few metres away from the sitting room. Nevertheless, for the best chance of survival and neurological recovery, immediate and decisive treatment is imperative. Cardiac arrest is a medical emergency that, in certain situations, is potentially reversible if treated early.


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