Mukula to Stand For President


Mukula hinted on standing for the highest office in the land yesterday during a stormy debate in Parliament.

As several MPs called upon Premier Amama Mbabazi and Internal Affairs minister Hilary Onek to temporarily leave office to allow smooth investigations into reports they took bribes from oil companies, mind Mukula made his presidential ambitions clear. “As I said earlier on the two issues of law and politics are now in play. In Tanzania, when the PM was mentioned in a corruption case, he stepped aside, even the AG,” Mukula said.

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“For me who may be in the queue with Mbabazi, I want to say that it may be important and prudent at this time for him to exercise humility and step aside- because am sure you could come back much stronger and give me a run for my money,” Mukula amused the house.

He was perceived as telling Mbabazi that they are both interested in taking the presidential slot.

MPs warned him against declaring his presidential ambitions at a time when was discussing vital national issues.

Sources say Mukula a few years ago started a serious mobilisation campaign of regional leaders to facilitate his 2016 campaign.

We are exclusively told Mukula approached Kenya’s powerful Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Rwanda’s Paul Kagame.

Odinga last year visited Soroti to boost Mukula’s MP campaigns. The former State Minister for Health was quoted in the infamous wikileaks saying Museveni intended to impose his son on Uganda as President. He further noted that Keinerugaba Muhoozi was being groomed to inherit his father’s post, statements that sparked a storm in the party.

Nevertheless, Mukula lived up his fans’ expectations when he pressed on that Mbabazi and Onek must go.

“The issue is when you are making an inquiry; can you inquire when the suspect is holding an office? The problem which I have raised is the one that surrounds the whole issue- it will not be possible for the investigative officers to investigate their minister, it won’t be possible for foreign affairs staff to investigate their boss.”


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