Storm In Parliament As Mbabazi Resists Overthrow

Led by Theodore Ssekikuubo, prostate MPs Gerald Karuhanga and Kyamadidi took to the floor to condemn Mbabazi’s refusal to leave Parliament in compliance with a resolution passed a few weeks ago.

Speaking with fury, prostate Karuhanga said: “Why is it that you don’t want to leave office when there is a precedent set by other ministers such as Mathew Rukikaire who stepped down on orders of Parliament.”

“You must respect this house and move out, find ” said Karuhanga.

Ssekikuubo angrily charged: “What is it that you are protecting in that office? Why should we waste the tax payers’ money to investigate in Malta and London when police investigating the matter is under Internal Affairs headed by Hilary Onek?”

In what appeared as a coordinated move, the NRM legislators accused Mbabazi and Onek of insubordination and arrogance.

However, Mbabazi and Onek said they would not step down, as ordered by Parliament, to allow smooth investigations into allegations of receiving bribes from oil companies Tullow and Eni last year.

Mbabazi claimed the documents were forgeries while Onek said his plans to resign were halted by President Yoweri Museveni.

This is the third time the MPs are hatching a plan to overthrow Mbabazi and Onek in vain.

Attorney General Nyombi said MPs do not have the mandate to kick out the two government officials yet in the past Sam Kutesa, Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi, Mathew Rukikaire were kicked out of Parliament over corruption related charges.

The government officials stormed out out of the house in protest after pressure mounted.


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