Don't Pay Dues To Utoda -KCCA Tells Taxi Drivers

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The statement is contained in a defense before the High Court where UTODA accused City Hall of breach of contract. UTODA insists they have a standing contract to manage the city taxi parks till 2014.

“UTODA has no standing contract with the Authority. They are therefore unauthorised to collect any dues on our behalf, ” reads Musisi’s defence.

She says the contract expired long time ago. While UTODA argue their contract expires in 2014, Musisi states the extension was executed illegally since the contract never contained a clause for renewal or competitive bidding as required by law.

The hearing of the case kicks off on November 21 before Justice Eldad Mwangutsya.

Bloody skirmishes between UTODA and taxi drivers rocked the city last week after the latter refused to pay fees.

KCCA has announced its intentions to manage the messy public transport system, compelling UTODA to seek legal redress. Currently, UTODA has an interim order barring KCCA from tampering with their operations.


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