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INSIDE STORY: Janet Saves Bukenya From IGG's Rope

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Bukenya was being accused of authorising a fraudulent award of Shs9.4 billion contract to supply the 204 BMW cars for the Commonwealth summit held in Kampala in 2007.

Bukenya’s trial was due to commence on November 7, http://criasaude.com.br/wp-admin/includes/comment.php according to Justice Catherine Bamugemereirwe. The IGG has thraetened to parade 17 witnesses to testify against Bukenya.

IGG publicist Ali Munira confirmed the shocking development.

Informed sources in State House say the IGG recieved ‘instructions from above’ yesterday morning not to proceed with prosecution of the former Vice President.

“It’s Janet Museveni who convinced the President that Bukenya was a victim of intrigue in NRM. Janet said God would not forgive Museveni if Bukenya remained on trial because all decisions he took during CHOGM were collective,” said a source.

For starters, Bukenya was fired on phone. After Museveni was supplied with concocted information that Bukenya was mobilising the catholic church and moderate Baganda army officers to overthrow him, the President directed his secretary to notify the VP of his knifing!


The haste which Baku used to arrest Bukenya and manipulate court sytem to humiliate the former VP on corruption charges is the same haste he has shamefully used to withdraw the charges.

Having served under Mbabazi for decades, Baku is now reeling in the murky waters of shame. Baku should immedeately do the noble thing: RESIGN. Baku has today showed the nation how a powerful institution of government tasked to stamp out corruption, can abuse authority. Baku will go deep down in the history of Uganda as one of nation’s most infamous IGG we have ever seen.

No wonder, Ugandans are now up in arms pressing Baku to refund all the money he has used to prosecute Bukenya -for nothing. He must tell the nation why he lied that Bukenya had a case to answer. Baku is worse than all his predecessors. No sane Ugandan expected Baku to stoop that low. It begs the question: Why not step down? What is the mandate of IGG? To dance to the tunes of his political mentors? Now that what goes around is coming around, where will he hide?

This incident underlines the deeply entrenched corruption in the Ombudsman office. Baku should step down now! Not even tomorrow! Baku must step down before the sun rises! There is no more rain, he can still drive to his office and pass his resignation under the door so the secretary can find it and deliver it to concerned authorities. He should leave our (don’t i pay taxes?) car in the parking lot. Ugandans can hardly afford to waste their taxes on fuel to chauffer around shameless civil servants.

If there is a person who deserves to be prosecuted for wastage of resources, even on a weekend because Ugandans are running out of patience, then it’s Baku. This man fought hard to overthrew his boss Faith Mwondha. Journalists were paid, rumours spread, mney exchanged hands, false info concocted and served to the President, to mention but a few. Some how, Baku felt, Mwondha was “sabotaging the wetting of the beak.”


There was a time when Mwondha telephoned city pastor Martin Ssempa to pray for her. Mwondha said she had never seen power-hungry people like those who wanted her job. Trust the mafia: Mwondha was thrown out of power after lieS were told to the President that she was mad. Now, today, the successor has showed us why he desperately wanted Mwondha’s job.

Baku was not satisfied. After nailing Mwondha, he went for a former Chief Accountant in Health Ministry Nester Gachumbi Gasasira. At one time, after realising that Gasasira had not stolen money and owned vast properties as he thought, Baku went personal, telling an aide: “I will deal with Gasasira until he gets to Luzira.” Remember all these persoanl wars are fought using tax payers’ money! Oh dear me! Gasasira, courtesy of a brilliant city lawyer Geoffrey Kandeebe, fought his way out of Luzira.

The latest is that Gasasira will soon return to public service. He met the President a couple of months ago, thanks to the assistance rendered by Gen. David Tinyefuza, his close ally. The pair shared Livingstone Hall of residence at Makerere during their under graduate years.

Like a lion, not satisfied, Baku went for Quality Chemical boss Katongole. He accused him of conniving with National Medical Stores officials to supply drugs at an inflated cost! In one memo, Baku is qouted saying, “at least if we do not find charges against them we should embarrass them (Katongole)!”

God knows which schools Baku went to but his actions today have placed the last nail in the coffin of his reputation and career! The earlier he quits the better, not for the nation but himself. So many brilliant youths are on street without jobs yet the IGG’s office is messing up cases on public purse.

Hon. Miria Matembe or Justice George Kanyeihamba deserves this job! To hell with Baku! And his impunity!


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