EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Inside Besigye's Luxurious Compund


more about geneva; font-size: small;”>It’s Monday, side effects October 31. Our corps raid FDC political dynamite Besigye’s home in Kasanagti, dosage Wakiso district. On our arrival, the opposition top shot has just finished breakfast. His maid says farewell and Besigye smiles back.

Besigye humourously tells the maid he is not sure whether he will return for supper, sending our corps into heart-breaking laughter.

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“He is expecting to be arrested. Why doesn’t he tell the maid not to prepare any supper for him. Since Besigye claims to be too broke to afford fuel for his car, he would as well save the food,” our corp Nicholas Mwesigwa chats with a colleague. The compound is neatly mowed. The water tank is carefully spaced from the main house. The romantic smell of beautiful flowers welcomes you to Besigye’s spot-less clean compound.

Besigye then asks his aide Moses Byomugisha: “How do you make it?” “It’s 7:49am,” Bainomugisha responds. The latter is a youth activist. A Law graduate, Bainomugisha served as Guild leader, Uganda Christian University, Mukono.

Besigye grabs his bag, ready for the walk. He looks anxious. His facial appearance paints a picture of a troubled man. A man who has no option but to fight on. An iron-hearted politician who can not return to his luxurious sitting room. Police has sealed off his beautiful house and cordoned off the entire farm.

Kampala North RPC Sam Omara has ordered all cars in and out of Besigye’s home to be checked. The politicians’ neighbours and supporters gather around the home. It’s Monday – the day when Walk to Work kicks off.

Then, at once, Besigye makes up his mind to start the walk. Flanked by Bainomugisha and Fred Kato (driver), the walk starts. Hardly a few yards away from home. Officer Omara roars: “Besigye, stop. I am ordering you to stop. You are not walking to work. Go back home or we shall arrest you.”

“What are you doing at my home? Is this a police station? Don’t you have other things to do? Go away…” Besigye says but before he finishes his point, he is led into a waitng van and chauffered to Kasangati police station.

He is released 5pm. Our pictures don’t lie!


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