Energy Minister Explains Bujagali Saga


viagra 60mg geneva; font-size: small;”>This came after a Land Cruiser he was driving rammed into a lorry carrying merchandise to western Uganda.

visit this site geneva; font-size: small;”>The traders exchanged bitter words with the Colonel’s son for about 10 minutes, sparking a physical fight. “The scuffle was triggered by a blame game. Neither the Colonel’s son nor the lorry driver was willing to admit reckless driving,” a police source said.

A mob which later turned up nearly punched the Colonel’s son. He was saved by a police who were patrolling the area.

The Colonel’s son sustained minor injuries. The matter is being secretly handled by Police Commander Lawrence Nuwabiine.

“I need to go and talk to this Colonel about this accident involving his son,” Nuwabiine was head by our undercover corp at Central Police Station a couple of hours ago.

The matter is being treated with utmost secrecy given the nature of high personalities involved. The army officer sits at Ministry of Defense Headquarters, Mbuya Kampala.

remedy geneva; font-size: small;”>Muloni explains all technical information she has confirms the dam is capable of generating the required grid, contrary to his predecessor Hilary Onek’s worries the project did not have the desired capacity.

“I am not a structural engineer but I have been told by technocrats that we are capable of generating 270MW of power. This will not happen instantly but over a short period of time,” she tells at her office in Kampala.

“Our machines are very capable. There is no cause for alarm,” Muloni elaborates.

Onek, now Internal Affairs Minister, told Parliament on Wednesday that Energy Permanent Secretary Kabagambe Kaliisa lied to President Yoweri Museveni that Bujagali would generate 270MW instead of 170MW.

Analysts were baffled by the timing of Onek’s startling revelations.

There is growing fear Onek intends to draw the sympathy of legislators now baying for his political blood after his alleged bribery scandal. MPs have insisted Onek must step down as Minister for reportedly receiving bribes to the tune of millions of Euros from oil company Tullow last year.

“Ugandans should prepare to receive Bujagali with open hands. It will boost industrialisation and curb the rampant load shedding in our country,” Muloni elaborated.

She is set to hold a press briefing at 10:45am next Monday.


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