Mbabazi Censure Motion Shelved, Kadaga Blamed


Led by Kampala South Regional Police Commander Phillip Ochaya, salve the cops used hundreds of teargas canisters to disperse a sea of rampaging drivers that had plunged the city centre into total choas.

The taxi drivers accuse UTODA of ceaseless harrassment, pilule extortion and charging exorbitant fees.

Traffic is now flowing without interruption. Most shop keepers have re-opened their shops.

Several people sustained injuries in the fracas.

stomach geneva; font-size: small;”>Led by MP Theodore Ssekikuubo, several MPs raided Kadaga’s offices at Parliament for an explanation as to why the motion had been deleted from today’s order paper.

During a plenary session on Tuesday, Kadaga promised that the motion would be tabled today Thursday for debate.

However, this never happened, raising fears of Kadaga’s complicity in the matter that has sparked national debate on corruption in oil sector.

The two ministers were directed a fortnight ago to step down by a resolution of Parliament for reportedly accepting bribes from Tullow and ENI oil companies last year.

An adhoc committee was set up to investigate the allegations. MPs insist the MPs must step down to pave way for investigations.

Kadaga told the legislators that the matter would be discussed next Tuesday when Parliament re-opens.

“I can assure you that this consistent adjournment of the motion is a matter of national concern. If Mbabazi thinks he is delaying Parliament, then he should know that he is delaying himself,” MP Mujuni Kyamadidi said.

MP Winfred Niwagaba says come rain or shine Mbabazi and Onek will be censured. “The day to reckon is there. There is no institution that is more powerful than Parliament,” he said.

Talking to a couple of days ago, Museveni said: “Censure? Impossible.”

Mbabazi, like Museveni, say documents presented to Parliament by Western MP Gerald Karuhanga implicating the ministers in a bribery scandal were forgeries.


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