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M7 Angered By Kenya Military Tactics In Somalia


remedy http://danielpyne.com/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/bbpress/user-favorites.php geneva; font-size: small; mso-bidi-font-size: 14.0pt;”>Three weeks ago, hospital Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga said a Cabinet meeting had ordered that Kenya army enters Somalia in a bid to ‘protect the nation’ from A Shabaab extremists.

However, impeccable sources have revealed that Museveni whose UPDF-led AMISOM troops are battling the insurgents in Somalia, doubts Kenya’s ability and military strategy in kicking out the Al Shabaab.

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In a chat with Somali President Sheikh Ahmed yesterday, Museveni made it clear that Kenya has no experience in fighting terrorists.

He added that pacifying Somalia does not necessarily need a fully-fledged military head-on with Al Shabaab as Kenya is doing. We could not independently verify this information as most officials were uncomfortable discussing the matter with press.

Museveni further stressed that countries like United States and a well-trained Ethiopian army in the 1990s who used a similar strategy licked sour wounds of defeat.

Museveni further made it clear all villages bombed and ‘liberated’ by Kenya must be immediately handed-over to the National Transitional Government for local authorities to administer.

A startled Museveni said Kenya should have made adequate military intelligence gathering before being plunged into the bloody conflict “simply to calm nerves” in Kenya following adductions of tourists.

“This is what happened in 1972 when Milton Obote insisted on attacking Uganda without adequate information. He hoped that Ugandans would help him oust Amin but this did not work. Kenya is causing confusion in Somalia,” Museveni reportedly said.

The president also said the advance of Kenya military especially the killing of civilians in an air strike would “encourage Somali nationalism” in which all the country’s clans could unite against the aggressors.”

“Since Kenya invaded Somalia, terrorist attacks on our bases have dramatically increased. Why?” Museveni asked.

Museveni was reportedly quoted: “We believe in long-term struggles not head-on confrontations. We need plans of winning support of the local people. What is Kenya’s strategy? What is their ideology?” Museveni asked.

Museveni said United States was compelled to pull out troops in early 1990s from Somalia because a “head-on confrontation military strategy does not work in Africa.”

The President said he was of the view that instead of attacking Al Shabaab, Kenya was supposed to beef deployments at the border.

Meanwhile, we are preparing an in-depth story on why Museveni thinks Kenya’s military offensive against Al Shabaab is not only more of bad than good but ‘suicidal.’


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