Storm In Uganda Over Cameron Gay Aid Cuts


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approved geneva; font-size: small;”>MP Alice Alaso said threats of withholding aid, on grounds of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill being discussed in Parliament, are unfortunate.

“UK needs to be reasonable. There are so many abuses of human rights in Uganda but they are sticking to gays. Do human rights mean gay rights? That is hypocrisy,” she charged.

Cameron said countries like Uganda which violate gay rights shall be denied bail.

Alaso’s statement came on the heels of Public Relations Presidential Advisor John Nagenda’s pronouncement that if UK intends to hold aid, “so be it.”

He described Cameron’s statements as “childish and neo-colonial.”

The international outburst seems to have been sparked by the tabling of the Bill in Parliament. Several top dignitaries made it a point to attack countries that criminalise homosexuality during the just-concluded Common Wealth Meeting in Perth, Australia.

The anti-gay drama has since yesterday been the buzz of social networking websites especially face book and twitter.

Joy Doreen Biira, a TV presenter posted on face book: “Lately we got two sets of colonialists, in fact three. 1. Original British protectorate colonialists 2. Development partners and their conditions re-colonizing us. 3. Our long-serving revolutionary leaders who think vision is to incumbents as Jesus is the savior.”

Dalton Kaweesa, a prominent journalist in Kampala says: “He who controls your purse controls you, goes an old English adage. But with oil, if Sabagabe’s (Museveni) kin and kith don’t mess it up, we shall jump ship.”

Edrinnah Mbote, a business editor of a newspaper in Kampala says: “Ain’t these guys still ruling us indirectly? Gosh….i thought colonialism ended time immemorial!”

Bahati says the bill is aimed at averting the destruction of Uganda’s moral fabric and traditional family set up.

The legislator who proposed the legislation said Uganda will not be bull-dozed to accept western-imported immorality.

in the past argued the bill is aimed at averting the destruction of Uganda’s moral fabric and traditional family set up.

Last week MP Barnabus Tinkasiimire said Uganda should not listen to donors who intend to frustrate “this good bill.”

“The anti-gay Bill is overdue because the spirit of my ancestors tells me that they lived without these practices (homosexuality),”he charged.

“I have been hearing government officials that when we pass the anti-gays Bill, we shall loose the donor’s money. We can’t afford to stay with such ills in our society and when it comes before the floor, we shall all pass it and support it,” he added, attracting an ovation from fellow backbenchers.


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