M7 To Reshuffle UPDF Command In Somalia

While most journalists have been barred from covering the arrival of the helicopter at the airport, shop sources say President Yoweri is very annoyed with the recent ghastly developments in the war-torn country.

“The commander-in-chief is hugely perturbed by consistent losses of UPDF officers in Somalia. He will soon announce a reshuffle with the intention of recalling most commanders there, ” said a source in the army.

Museveni decided to crack the whip after reports emerged that some army officers a fortnight ago took a bribe of USD80,000 and released a terrorist in Mogadishu who later masterminded a massacre of UPDF troops.

The officers are under house arrest as investigations into the matter intensify with the view of charging them in the Court Martial.

Reports indicate that Museveni, despite receiving sophisticated equipment and funds to annihilate Al Shabaab, AMISOM have failed to advance and kick terrorists out of Mogadishu.

Two weeks ago, Al Shabaab paraded over 85 bodies of killed AMISOM troops in the sand! However, the army said only 15 had been killed.

On Sunday, Al Shabaab made another daring suicide attack on an AMISOM base, killing dozens.

Museveni is considering dispatching brigades from the highly-trained Special Forces elite brigades to engage the terrorists, according to up-to-date sources.

A source says if Al Shabaab regain control of Mogadishu, the entire country will fall back into the hands of Al Qaeda and act as a breeding ground for terrorism in the region.


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