BREAKING NEWS: Bloodshed As War Breaks Out At Besigye's 'Benghazi'


At least 20 city lumpens had reportedly ambushed the opposition leader at his residence in Kasangati today morning.

The thugs reportedly claimed to have campaigned for Besigye in the last Presidential elections and worked as polling agents but had not been paid! But a security source says the thugs are ‘kiboko’ squad members.

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Eye witnesses say the thugs were condoned by police, prostate which has in the past used teargas and live bullets to disperse Besigye’s crowds. According to Besigye’s Special Envoy Anne Mugisha, order the goons intended to smash Besigye as he walked to work today.

“When it became apparent that Besigye wasn’t walking this morning, drug about 20 members of the group decided to walk up to his gate with policemen in two vans looking on. The police which was present throughout this set-up, did not intervene to stop the rowdy group from walking up to the house so this group was not considered an ‘unlawful assembly’ and had state authorization to attack the FDC President,” Mugisha said.

Mugisha says one of the thugs arrested by Besigye’s guards was identified as Moses Nyinomwe.

“He held an FDC card and polling agent letter that stated that he was from Kamwezi, in Rukiga county. His other IDs stated that he was from Makerere 2 Zone in Kampala. The FDC card was purportedly issued in 2006 but that particular FDC card was designed and printed in 2010! Besigye walked up to the young man and asked him what he wanted but the man just stared at the ground and refused to say a word. He was later released,” Mugisha added.

Upon learning of the trap, Besigye’s top Red Brigade fighters were quickly ushered in to take on the goons in close arm-to-arm combat. They receive training from several gyms in the city. They took care of Besigye’s security shortly after his nomination as Presidential candidate last year. Most of these youths were recruited by Youth leader Abed Nasser, Francis Mwijukye and coordinated by Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu and MP Reagan Okumu.

As we write, the entire village is on fire. Besigye’s neighbours are seriously rounding up the thugs and beating them up without mercy. More of Besigye’s fighters are rolling towards ‘Benghazi to defend their president.’

“What do you want from our President?” one of Besigye’s neighbours asked a thug before rolling a James Bond-like-kick that sent the latter on the ground.

While it’s suspected that the goons are from Katwe, only police will save them. We are told police has intervened to stop the fights. The thugs have sped off to the neighbouring villages but the hunt for them is on in a strange village now codenamed Banghazi.

FDC spokesperson Wafula Oguttu says security chiefs know the identities of the thugs. ??


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