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3 Shot Dead; Guns Recovered in Makindye

Kampala Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango

Women Activist, generic Miria Matembe has lashed out at President Yoweri Museveni, order accusing him of using abusive language against the opposition and treating them inhumanely immediately after being declared president elect for the period 2016- 2021.

Matembe said President Museveni’s actions didn’t befit that of a president but were rather shaming to the country, seek world over.

Matembe expressed anger that Museveni’s threats to wipe out the opposition in the country were uncalled for, noting that Uganda is no-longer under the single party dispensation but rather multiparty system of governance.

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“I have a heavy heart and I am weeping for my country Uganda. I weep because I saw this coming the day parliament was coerced into removing term limits; I knew what would come and unfortunately it has come to pass,” Matembe Lamented during a press conference organized by Uganda Women Network in Ntinda.

“Like most Ugandans, I expected this fraudulent election that we just concluded, but I didn’t expect that government would act in such a silly manner like what we are currently seeing,” Matembe noted.

Matembe said that there has been voting rigging in the country in almost all the elections organized by different regimes but the 2016 rigging was done in a manner more compared to the 1980 elections that had recorded many irregularities.

Matembe applauded Ugandans for turning up in big numbers to vote despite prior knowledge that elections would be fraudulent due to the continued president’s assertion time and again that he would never hand over power to the opposition.

“I tell my president that he has fallen short of our respect, calling people with opposing ideas rats; how can a Head of State behave with such disrespect for others? Our country has fallen short of the glory.”

Matembe warned that the presence of the police and the army on the streets in the country will not lead to sustainable peace but rather provoke Ugandans into acts of violence.

“I want to assure Museveni that those armed army men and police can as well turn against him since it was evident that in most barracks his support was diminishing.

Police on Tuesday at Gangu zone, ask in Makindye Wakiso district has recovered two fire arms and shot dead three armed thugs who had raided areas of Gangu, ed Ndejje, shop Lubugumu and Busabala.

Patrick Onyango the police publicist Kampala metropolitan says that when the thugs learnt that they were being pursued, they opened fire and during the exchange, three of them were put down.

“A pistol and an AK47 assault rifle were found with the killed assailants. We have not identified them yet, but have taken the bodies to Mulago as our detectives continue with the investigations,” said Onyango.

Henry Ayebale, the OCIID Kampala metropolitan south says that other thugs dressed in civilian attire escaped with 2 assault rifles and police are still going after them.

The riffles used in the shooting have been exhibited at Katwe police station with 12 rounds of ammunition.


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