3 Northern Ugandan Schools Set Ablaze in Violent Strikes

Three schools have been set ablaze and property worth millions of shillings destroyed in violent strikes in less than one month across Northern Uganda.

Following the Gulu University incident where students at the school of Education set the university main hall on fire, information pills the vice has since spread to secondary schools.

Lango College in Lira District was last week burnt down by striking studensts who were opposed to the “strict and unfair” administrative policies.

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Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukmoi, more about the Lira Resident District Commissioner (RDC) has also confirmed that today morning there was another fire at Comboni College, also in the same district where students burnt the school administration block in a violent protest.

“Yes they burnt the entire administrative block at Comboni College we got leftovers of petrol. In Lango College last week they burnt school pickup and smashed the bus windsecreen” the RDC told Chimpreports in a phone interview on Monday morning.

According to Lutukmoi security operatives are as well investigating ‘Defiance’ bit too because the manner in which the schools are being burnt looks coordinated.

He urged students with burning issues to seek help from his office to see how the situation can be brought down without having to destroy property because even then striking is unlawful.

“If we clearly get you involved, you will be imprisoned” warned Mwaka Lutukmoi, who also revealed that he will start a weeklong trip and dialogue with students from major schools and institutions in the district.

“A couple of teachers from Lango College are still behind bars following the strike,” Lutukmoi echoed adding that the  weeklong visit to the schools across the region is meant to talk to the students and principal heads of institutions in a bid to enhance student teachers relationship.

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