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3 Killed, Houses Torched in Fresh ADF Attack

Jamil Mukulu in Congo before his capture

At least two people have been killed and three others injured in the latest attacks reportedly orchestrated by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in Beni, approved Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The attacks occurred on Saturday night, advice according to authorities.

Area chief, adiposity Gervais Makofi tells ChimpReports over 50 houses were burnt in the multiple raids that forced thousands of locals to abandon their homes.

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“We called in the armed forces whose intervention allowed the frightened locals to return to their places of abode,” said Makofi.

“The ADF’s militants raided Mayongose, Nyaleke and villages along Kasindi road,” he added.

“They used machetes and guns to terrorise our people.”

This is the latest in a series of bloody raids executed by the Islamist Ugandan militant group.

ADF militia in August stormed Rwangoma Township with machetes, slaughtering people who were at their homes or gardens.

Women had their throats slit in one of the most horrific attacks in recent years.

North Kivu Governor, Julien Paluku said then that 22 men and 14 women were butchered in the raid.

ADF’s Supreme Commander, Jamil Mukulu is detained at Luzira Maximum Prison after being arrested from Tanzania in 2015.

President Museveni recently met with his DRC counterpart, Joseph Kabila on defeating militant groups in the eastern part of the vast country.

While Kabila reiterated his government’s commitment to pacifying Eastern Congo, Ugandan security officials expressed concern about the growing insecurity perpetrated by ADF.

According to DRC Defence Minister Crispin Atama Tabe who had accompanied Kabila to Uganda and Rwanda, ADF were responding to the government forces’ attack on their base at Mwalika.

“The ADF have resorted to acts of terrorism, just like Boko-Haram,” said Atama.

“They are tactfully dodging our armed forces before wreaking havoc to civilians. They have been defeated in many encounters with our forces,” he added during a recent press briefing in Goma.


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