3 Foreigners Jailed 39 Years Over Drug Trafficking

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Emillian Kayima displays some of the drugs. (Photo by: Kenneth Kazibwe)

The Magistrates Court in Entebbe has sentenced 3 foreigners to 39 years imprisonment for trafficking illicit drugs, unhealthy ChimpReports has learnt.

South Africa’s Golie Grace Onyia (55 years), Nkcosolwana Funiwe  Abegail (32) and Aniugo Gloria Vera from Nigeria were  early this month convicted and sentenced to18, 10 and  11 years imprisonment respectively  at Kigo prison by the Entebbe court  .

Another trafficker, 76 year old Aniugo Agnes Egonna was able to pay the Shs  fifteen million fine as ordered by court before being deported back to  Nigeria.

Nkcosolwana  and Onyia were early last month intercepted by police at the Entebbe airport  while practicing what police identified as a new technique of drug trafficking.

“They  had pushed drugs in between the layers of their  suit cases before sewing them together and applying glue ,” Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Emillian Kayima told  journalists .

“We  found out that their suitcases had 3786 grams of cocaine worth Shs 259 million and 856 grams of heroin worth Shs56 million.”

However according to the police mouthpiece, these were arraigned in court and convicted before being asked to pay hefty sums of money as fine or face jail.

Kayima said the traffickers could not afford the fines that ranged between Shs100 and 150 million and accepted to be jailed.

More Arrested

Kayima said that they had arrested 2 more drug traffickers at the airport, stressing they would also be arraigned in court on Friday.

He identified the suspects as Lithuanian Sluckis Rimas (45 ) and  Joanita Nakitende, a Ugandan waitress aged 24.

“On December 12 at about 2:30pm at hold baggage, screening point, our officers noticed  that Sluckis had abnormal hips raising suspicion and subjected to hand check,” Kayima noted.

He added that on thorough checking, found out that the Lithuanian had  heroin worth shs290 million hidden  under his pants and was intending to travel to Brussels  aboard Emirates  airlines.

Kayima displays the pants in which the Lithuanian had stuck drugs

Kayima displays the pants in which the Lithuanian had stuck drugs

The police mouthpiece also explained that 24 year old Nakitende had 12 kilograms  of marijuana worth  Shs500 million stacked in batteries.

“She was trying to ship 4 accumulator batteries back to China for being faulty and inside them she had stack the drugs.”

Kayima said on interception, Nakitende told police that the batteries belonged to her Nigerian boyfriend and were being shipped back to China for being faulty.

The Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson noted that this should send a warning to drug traffickers that  the business is illegal and whoever is apprehended faces heavy punishments.

“They should think twice because it is dangerous to them,” he warned.


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