Lyantonde RDC Blames Court for Offering Bail


order geneva;”>Speaking at a press conference held at the RDC’s office, order the group blamed the committee for the continued release of dangerous criminals including murderers and armed robbers in the areas of Lyantonde, sales Kiruhura, Ssembabule, Rakai and the whole Western region.

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The RDC told ChimpReports that of the 18 criminals arrested by Lyantonde Security in a recent operation, only 7 were still under custody and the 11 were released on bail at Masaka High court.

On this note, the District Police Commander Tomath Eyaku said has although court is independent in operation, releasing the thugs was compromising security in the area since there was an increase in the number of criminal incidences reported, especially ‘boda boda’ riders losing their motorcycles to thugs.

The RDC hence requested that the Justice and Law Sector top officials intervene, probe the judicial committee and investigate corruption allegations that have been raised against them of recent.

The DPC added that suspects including Emanuel Ahimbisibwe known well as Ensiyareta, Ashraf Walukaga, Jimmy Mwetise, Godfrey Ssewante, Jimmy Sselemba and others were part of big rackets of thugs involved in organized crime both in western and in some central districts.

The RDC, Suleiman also added the groups have been recruiting young children and refugees from Nakivare into their gangs and then train them to create havoc on in the region.


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