UPC Blasts Mulago over Mao Transfer to Nairobi


Algeria international Yacine Brahimi signs a five-year deal with Portuguese club FC Porto from Spanish side Granada.

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pharm http://corepr.pl/old/wp-includes/class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php geneva;”>”Gone are the days when Mulago was indeed a referral hospital that everyone would be proud of; when one heard that his patient was referred to Mulago hospital, search http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-admin/includes/update.php two sentiments would rise, http://cdkstone.com.au/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/states/bd.php one fear was that indeed the sickness was serious and another that there is hope that he will recover since he has reached the country’s biggest hospital,” lamented UPC Vice president, Joseph Bbosa in a statement to express sympathy to the DP President.

“Those days, one would be very sure of quick recovery since the hospital was fully facilitated with drugs and expertise unlike of now when doctors and nurses are always on strike due to poor payment and facilities.”

Bossa said, currently due to the poor standards in Mulago, many people have opted to always refer their patients to Nairobi Hospital because they don’t find any hope at Mulago.

“Government should come out and improve services in the country’s biggest referral hospital so as to enhance its glory and recover trust among citizens.”

Bbosa also prayed that God grants the DP president, “a quick recovery so that he comes back and continues with the fight and struggle for regime change in the country.”

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has been flown from Lacor Hospital to Nairobi hospital, to seek better medical attention after malaria attack.


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