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Uwera: How I Accidentally Ran over and Killed my Husband Nsenga


doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Uwera is accused of killing her husband who was a prominent Kampala businessman in 2013.

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pharm geneva;”>In her testimony, Uwera, 36, told court how they met with Nsenga in Nairobi in 1992 where she lived.

At the time, Nsenga was on a business trip. The pair eventually fell in love.

“We courted for about one and half years before getting married in 1994 in Mbuya here in Kampala and from that time we lived a wonderful life which had no secrets and did everything together as lovers,” she told court.

However Uwera told court that trouble begun when she conceived and flew out to US in 2001 to give birth to their second born after having their first child in 1996.

“After giving birth to Jermaine in 2001 in the US, I came back and found my husband had changed. He was now secretive and had started going out which was not the case before. I requested that we go out together but he refused and I found this a challenge to me and the fact I was not working, wanted that love that I had missed while I was away.”

“I now went and talked to his elder brother Innocent Bisangwa whom I considered his best friend because he was our best man on the wedding day. I also talked to his father Donati Kananura but he asked me if I missed anything from my husband to which I answered “no” and he urged me to try and respect Nsenga and be loyal to him.

“By this time (between 2003 and 2005) his outing had escalated and could go out two to three times a week and eventually every night,” Uwera told court.

She further said at this time she sought intervention of her in-law who advised her to pray about the matter and kept on counselling her and that they would attend fellowships together and in the name of praying for Nsenga to change to a better husband.

Uwera told court of how one time in 2010 when her husband went out until the afternoon of the next day which terrified her and was forced to called her in laws to find out the whereabouts of his husband before he was found at one of her father in-law’s house.

Conflict with sister-in-law

Uwera told court presided over by Justice Duncan Gaswaga of how she lived with one of the sisters of her husband known as Loretta from 2001 to 2011 since she was a child after losing all her parents.

“I gave her all she needed and there was no time that she fell sick and didn’t take her to hospital. She was now at university (UCU) and could go out and come back late at night. However, one day while my husband was down stairs, I heard someone go out of one of the rooms upstairs and to my surprise it was Loretta dressed in a skimpy skirt and see-through blouse. When asked why she had dressed like that, she said my husband didn’t care. From that day I started suspecting Loretta and eventually asked her to leave my home,” Uwera testified.

She further explained how one day after these incidents (in 2012) Loretta came home from campus and by passed her (Uwera) and went to play with the children.

However, when Loretta was out, Uwera got her phone and saw a love message from her husband to Loretta before later resolving to expel her from the home.

Fateful day

In a 4 -hour long testimony, Uwera told court how on a one Thursday she woke up as usual to prepare her son for school but as she entered the kitchen, she found the shamba boy who informed her that he had lost his sister and demanded for money to go for burial.

“I told him to wait for boss (Nsenga) to wake up before he could give him the money. In the afternoon because I had 3 appointments that day I went and picked my son from school and returned him home before going back to town where the appointments were. In fact I reached home at around 3:45pm and I told him (Nsenga) about the shamba boy’s demand and he was given money to go for burial. I went back to town.

I proceeded to Nakumatt for the two business meetings before going for the fellowship later. In fact I spoke to my husband before I left Nakumatt and I drove home reaching the gate at around 9:20pm,” she added.”

The incident at the gate

Uwera further testified that before reaching the gate she remembered that the shamba boy was not at home but only the baby-seater and the cook.

“When I reached at the gate, I rang the bell for 2 times and no one came to open. I knew the cook or baby-seater would open for me. Meanwhile as I was going out to ring the bell for the third time, I saw a shadow of someone trying to open the door and I proceeded back to the car.

Uwera says her husband’s (R) death was a result of a mistake

I put in the left leg and sat. I was now trying to put the right leg but before I could close the door, the car jerked off. I reached out for the steering trying to turn it to the right where I was sure the other person wasn’t but all I could see is the green gate and not any person.”

“I didn’t expect that it was my husband because he had never opened the gate for me before. I then stopped the car and run towards the room in the house where I saw the TV light, crying for help but before I could enter the house, I heard a groaning voice which had now increased and was hoarse.

Because people in the house were delaying to help, I ran out of the gate to the neighbourhood where I got a guard of my neighbour who came and by this time we found that it was my husband whom I had knocked,” the accused explained to court as tears rolled down her cheeks.

According to Uwera, the guard went back and called another person who came to assisted him lift the victim to the back of the car.

“I kept clearing the back seat of the car as he (Nsenga) advised them on how to best lift him so as not to cause pain to him. I kept telling him sorry, sorry sweetheart. I drove off fast to Paragon Hospital but he kept telling me it was okay and that I should just be focused on where I was going to get him assistance.”

At Paragon hospital

According to Uwera, when she reached the hospital, she parked in the drive way and screamed for help before nurses came and put the victim on a stretcher to the emergency room.

“I picked up the phone and called his brother whom I explained what had happened. At this time there were no doctors but nurses who took care of my husband. I then called my cousin Angella Kayihura (Gen Kale Kayihura’s wife) for help. Nsenga was now groaning in pain and always asked for some pain killers because of the broken leg and arm.”

The accused in her testimony told court that at this time the victim requested for a juice which was given to him after permission from the nurses but a few minutes later he started fighting from his bed.

“One nurse went out for medication as the other tied him on his bed but he was fighting hard. He was then rushed to the Intensive care unit where we were not allowed in apart from one person (his brother).

Meanwhile we could see from the glasses what was happening before all of a sudden he was no longer fighting. The nurse came and broke the news to me. It was now around 2:30am.”

Jackie Uwera Nsenga told court that she then left hospital and went back home with Angela Kayihura before the former’s sister Shantal Karungi also came to comfort her at home and explained to them what had happened.

The accused told court of how arrangements were made and they were flown to attend the burial ceremony at the deceased’s village before coming back and renting an apartment because police was at the home carrying out investigations.

The accused however told court that police later provided her security.

“I was then taken to Kireka for safe custody where I spent 6 months until July 15, 2013 when I was charged at Nakawa court and later remanded to Luzira,” the accused explained.

The High Court judge Duncan Gaswaga has adjourned the case to tomorrow July 23.


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