Kibaale Road Tax Scrapped After MP's Assault


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The meeting with the minister was prompted by the stiff misunderstandings which erupted between agriculture produce dealers and the road toll collectors and Kibaale district leaders over the collection of the tax.

Traders have been accusing the road toll collectors and Kibaale district leaders of illegally collecting the tax.

In a statement issued by the minister, the collection of the road toll has been halted until a re-visit is made during a council session on how they can collect other forms of tax than levying it on agriculture produce.

He accused Kibaale district leaders of being reluctant on implementing the directive which was issued to the district leaders on May 26, 2014, ordering Kibaale to stop collecting road toll on vehicles.

Namyaka, however, denied receiving the letter in time. The minister wondered how a letter could fail to reach at the district in nearly two months.

Namyaka told the media he would “inform all those who tendered the tax to stop its collection on all major road blocks.”

He, however, fears such a move could deal a great blow to the district budget which was receiving 40 percent support from the finances accruing from road toll.

Gerald Mugomba, a trader in agriculture produce from Mubende district, welcomed the minister’s stand on road toll saying they were being over-charged and yet there is no accountability of the money collected. Mugomba says their vehicles are being damaged due to the poor condition of roads.

Gad Kaberu, a farmer in Kikora village, Kakindo Sub County says the scrapping off of the tax is a relief to farmers, saying traders were buying their maize at low prices with excuses of high road toll.

Last week, traders mounted demonstrations against the continued collection of the tax.

In the scuffle, Kibaale woman Member of Parliament, Robina Nabanja, was assaulted as she moved to join the demonstrating traders to show her dissatisfaction with Kibaale district leaders.

The cess tax was introduced by Kibaale district council on August 23, 2011 with an aim of widening the Kibaale local revenue collection base.


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