Drivers Cyclists to Strike over New KCCA Regulations, Taxes


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more about geneva;”>The new proposed taxes include sh 20, 000 monthly levy for boda bodas, sh 30,000 for fines for taxis found hooting in public without a clear reason, sh50, 000 as fine if found without properly displaying the sticker, sh 30,000 if found spitting in public and many other fines which according to them are unfair to both the workers and the public.

The union gave an ultimatum of one week to the Authority of revise these regulations and new taxes if not a national sit-down strike will be the only option.

The new union with a 12 member executive will be chaired by Abdul Kitatta who doubles as the patron of the BODA Association 2010 and at the same time the NRM youth chairperson for Lubaga urban division.

This comes amidst challenges in the transport sector as KCCA in Kampala continue to arrest conductors and drivers of taxis on allegations that they defaulted on taxes.

Immediately after swearing in as the National Chairman of the Union Abudul Kitatta vowed to bring together all the small transport associations into one entity towards fights for their rights.

The union combines the boda boda cyclists, bus drivers, tractor drivers, trailer drivers and taxi operators.

Member Of Parliament Dr Sam Lyomoki welcomed the move of the operators coming together in one group and he promised to forward all their complaints and grievances to the house for more discussion.


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