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Nsenga Trial: Judge Visits Crime Scene


information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Justice Duncan Gaswaga was accompanied by State Attorney Sarah Okalang, erectile defence lawyers led by Nsubuga Mubiru, find Jackie Uwera Nsenga (suspect) and 12 witnesses who testified against the widow for reportedly killing her husband.

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They arrived at the scene in Bugolobi at around 2:30pm before touring the area. The judge intended to familiarise himself with the scene as it was reconstructed.

Police were led by Jinja road DPC Wesley Nganizi.

One of the witnesses known as Detective Sergeant John Bosco Munaku explained to the team how the car being driven by Uwera knocked the gate before dragging Nsenga on the ground.

He showed court where the deceased’s body and blood stains were found. .

“This is the distance (10.3m) from the gate where the body was found,” explained Munaku as he displayed photos.

The FBI-trained scenes of crime officer boats a 6-year experience.

The killer car was also brought and police officers demonstrated how it moved up to the gate until it knocked the deceased.

The detective was also able to show court green stretch marks from the number plate to the left side of the car which he said was the point of contact between the car and the gate.

A bent gate bolt was also brought before court as part of evidence pinning Uwera in the killing of her husband.

Dark blue in colour, the UAL 933M Toyota Mark X 180km/hr killer car was described by experts from police as one of the modern and fully furnished cars that has remote sensors and can detect obstacles.

Meanwhile, the team also examined the driveway where the deceased was allegedly found after the accident with the help of the detective.

MUBS annex, inside Nsenga’s premises was a fleet of more than 10 posh cars in front of a cream luxurious bungalow with a brown tilled roof.

The house lay amidst a green environment full of trees.

The accused, Jackie Uwera Nsenga who was now being guarded by 2 female prison warders was all this time looking on helplessly as the witness described what they had discovered after investigations.

The judge however adjourned the case to Tuesday, July 22 as the date when the accused will start defending herself on the matter.

Jackie Nsenga is causing the death of his husband Juvenal Nsenga in February 2013.

She denied the charges.


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