Kagame Inspires African Youth To Resist Injustice


The United Nations (UN) accuses South Sudanese rebels of violating a ceasefire by launching an offensive to recapture its former headquarters.

viagra sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 150%;”>Kagame said corruption remains one of the reasons for backwardness in Africa and that the vice must be rejected.

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“Why should resources be a curse? Lack of resources is what should be the curse, buy information pills ” advised Kagame.

“Youth should fight corruption by not participating in it. Aspire to achieve progress by doing decent things.”

The President who is well known for being uncompromising in dealing with graft, page made the remarks on Monday during a Dialogue with the African youth hosted by Mandela Institute for Development Studies in Kigali.

The annual African Youth Dialogue on Elections and Governance intends to foster the increase in the number of young people peacefully and actively participating in African elections and governance processes based on an appreciation of the significance of their demographic superiority.

It is considered a useful platform through which African youth have an opportunity to interact as they interrogate and deepen the understanding of issues of mutual interest pertaining to the development and transformation of the Continent.

Participants were drawn from all regions of Africa (North, West, Central, East and Southern Africa).

In what appeared an inspirational talk aimed at encouraging the youth to keep their leaders on tenterhooks to deliver quality public services, Kagame said Africa should stop relying on the west for development.

“We may wait for another 100 years if we keep thinking Western taxpayers are responsible for our development,” said Kagame, adding, “If it’s money you are giving for space you are unable to define, keep it. We prefer money for our children to go to school.”

The President said the youth should be “getting impatient” about the pace of development in Africa.

“The question is what do we do to accelerate? We have accepted a sense of mediocrity and a tendency to look at the others and not to ourselves for solutions… You need to be stubborn. As they stay on course of causing you problems, you stay on the course of pushing back,” said Kagame.

On how the youth can exploit their talent s and potential, Kagame observed: “How do we use the talent we have in this room? It starts with wanting to be helpful and useful to the community.”

He added: “The tragedy Rwanda has experienced should be a lesson to us. We cannot go looking for solutions elsewhere. Why should we allow ourselves to be victims caught up in war between East and West for our resources.”

The President also pointed out that being knowledgeable is not enough. “Knowing is not an end in itself. The aim is applying what you know.”

Kagame also spoke on maintaining good relations with neighbours, saying, “the nearer you are to each other the more you need each other. As neighbours, we need each other.”


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