Three Kidnaped Humanitarian Agency in Dafur Released


According to a note from, sick order United Nations, African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID, the three, Mustafa Abdalla Adarge, working with UNICEF, Mohamed Abu Elgassem and Ahmed Elsayed, working with Goal were release after 32 days in captivity.

UNAMID did not disclose how and who abducted them but confirmed the three appeared to be unharmed and in good condition.

However they have been rushed to a Mission’s hospital in Kutum, for medical checks.

Mohamed Ibn Chambas, African Union, United Nations Joint Special Representative for Darfur, expressed the “Mission’s gratitude to the Government of Sudan, Sudan’s National Intelligence, Security Services and the Wali (Governor) of North Darfur for their valuable assistance in the safe release of the humanitarian workers”

The three were among 25 people kidnaped by armed men in three localities in Kutum on 18 June 2014, UNAMID noted.

The kidnaps release the abductees in lot as 20 people were release earlier, followed by two staff members of a national NGO Sustainable Action Group (SAG) were held in captivity for 14 days.

Ibn urged that the role of humanitarian actors in Darfur in supporting those affected as a result of struggle between the Christians and Janjaweed over resource ownership was crucial in ensuring that those in need received essential aid,

Adding that, it’s in everyone’s interest to guarantee that they can continue to carry out their duties safely in these troubled regions.

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