Air Uganda Indefinitely Suspends Operations


In a notice by Cornwell Muleya, rx Chief Executive Officer Air Uganda, discount an audit of Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority’s policies and procedures aimed at assessing CAA’s capacities rather than the airlines that operate under its supervision was mared with lope holes following the one week assessment conducted in June, 2014 by the international regulator ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) based in Montreal.

“It is now apparent that the audit revealed shortcomings in the CAA’s oversight and regulatory capacities, consequently impacting the CAA’s ability to award Air Operators Certificates”Muleya said.

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Ugandan civil aviation authority after failing to come to a compromise with the realities regrettably opted on 17th June to withdraw from International Civil Aviation Organization without consulting the airlines affected most especially those holding the Air Operator’s Certificates (AOC) for all international commercial air operators registered in the country.

The burden hit hard Air Uganda, which is probably the only scheduled passenger airline affected, in what management say has resulted into inevitable greatest damage. However, each career has been requested to submit a fresh application for an Air Operation Certificate, while operations is halted will leverage massive financial losses on a daily basis as the company suffer reputational damage.

“Air Uganda has been working with Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority to revise procedures as required by ICAO to reinstate its Air operation certification but this has taken ages as regulators show no sense of urgency”

Over 231 staffs future are uncertain with possible layoffs as Uganda’s first jet airline serving international routes, flying from Entebbe to Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Juba, Mogadishu, Bujumbura and Kigali ceases operation


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