Veterans Protest Over Umoja Market Land Sale


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Key facts, hospital figures and dates

A passenger plane from South Africa to Hong Kong hits severe turbulence, pill leaving 20 passengers wounded, two critically.

According to some veterans, healing the 2-acre piece of land along Kafumbe Mukasa road was a reward to the veterans by government in 1996 to help them conduct business under their umbrella body of Umoja Veterans Joint Association.

However, the veterans claim the land was fraudulently sold off to a business tycoon in Kamapala identified as John Bosco Muwonge under the name Veteran Vendors Association without the the consent of the first benefactors.

Kampala District Internal Security Officer Charles Lubega warned the veterans against causing chaos.

“You should not blame anybody for your mistakes. If any of you is not happy with the decission of your leaders then seek legal redress rather causing chaos in the city, ” warned Lubega.

This sparked off tension in Kampala with traders locking up shops in fear of violence.

Several veterans claimed that they were betrayed by their trusted leaders who conspired with those who intend to evict them.


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