Excited German, Chinese Fans sing Irene Ntale’s ‘Gyobera’


Worthing Birdman competition

check http://codigoweb.co/wp-includes/ms-default-constants.php sans-serif;”>Shaban Senyange, sildenafil a Ugandan living in Malaysia introduced the song to his friends who ‘instantly became fans’ of the stunning heartthrob and decided to team up with him to record their own version in a video.

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The amateur video features an excited group of friends from Germany, China, Palestine, Malaysia, and Indonesia singing the Luganda tune with ultimate ease.

When the trending video was posted on Ntale’s Facebook page, she was lost for words and so amazed how her song had made it easy for people who do not even know where Uganda is located on the globe to sing in Luganda.

“Wow, wow feeling really special right now. Thank you so much you guys!! Love you all, so much!!!!” the diva commented on the post.

Ntale, who is arguably Uganda’s hottest musician right now also recently released yet another hit, ‘Akatambala’ featuring Ray Signature of the Kasenyanku fame in which the duo efficaciously exhibit their vocal prowess.


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