Gov't Warns Media Houses over Sex, Witchcraft Adverts


buy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Officials from National Drug Authority (NDA) will issue a circular next week formally banning this type advertisement because it is against the law.

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NDA Executive Secretary Mr Sematiko Gordon told reporters on Friday in Kampala that perpetrators will now be tracked down by authorities and dragged to courts of law.

The operation follows the recent passing by cabinet of 9 statutory instruments that will operationalise the NDA Act, which bans these public ads.

The 5th Schedule of the Act outlines a number of diseases whose publication of descriptive matters is prohibited.

They include syphilis, gonorrhoea, all types of genital-urinary diseases and other ailments connected to the human reproductive function.

He said that for a long time the Authority had faced challenges trying restrain the advertisements and announcements of sexually related drugs and medication because the law was not fully operational.

“But in full knowledge of existence of this law, we have been seeing national televisions, newspapers and radios, publishing and broadcasting these advertisements,” said Sematiko at the sidelines of stakeholders meeting to combat fake drugs in the country at Hotel Africana.

“Of late, it has turned even worse. I recently saw on a television, a man parading people claiming to have been healed of barrenness by his herbs.”


One of the huddles the Authority has faced in trying to stop the practice, Sematiko says, has been the fact that people rarely report abuses emanating from these ads.

“For instance if a person heard an advert on radio of a herb that enlarges the manhood, and on purchasing it, it turns not to work as expected, they are unlikely to discuss it with a neighbour let alone reporting it to police because it’s embarrassing.”

Sematiko revealed that NDA enforcement team, police and lawyers would now embark on hunting down both the media houses, and the advertisers and taking them to courts.


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