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MURDER TRIAL: How Uwera Ran Down Nsenga with Family Car


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erectile sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 150%;”>In his testimony at the Kampala High Court today, treatment 30-year-old Detective Sgt. John Bosco Munaku who was by then attached to Jinja road police station as forensics crime scene examiner told court presided over by Duncan Gaswaga that on the fateful day at around 8:00pm he received a call from the OC CIID informing him of the incident and was ordered to rush to the scene.

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“Unfortunately by the time I reached Nsenga’s home in Bugolobi, the body had been taken to Paragon hospital where we found that he had died and preparations were on to take the body to Mulago hospital for a post-mortem,” Munaku explained.

The detective told court that he then left hospital and reached the crime scene at around 1:45am where he found several mourners which prompted the relatives of the deceased to temporarily stop him and his team from accessing the residence.

“However, we later examined the scene very well before requesting to be allowed to inspect the killer car. We were shown a Toyota Mark X UAL 933M that was parked under a tree behind the main house and on examination we found out that the left bumper had greenish stretch marks 3 centimetres away from the number plate to the left hand side and a white mark on the right bumper,” said the FBI-trained detective.

“On close examination we found blood stains all over the back seat of the car and the right rear wheel.

The 30-year-old detective further noted that they left the scene with police officers guarding it before returning the next day on January 12 to carry out a deeper forensic study of the scene especially “the exact point where the car came into contact with the gate because the greenish marks on the car were from the gate.”

He added: “I discovered that the vehicle got into contact with the gate which meant the gate was at that time closed and the vehicle hit it and brushing it whereas the pillar on the left part of the gate had some cracks. The right side of the gate was intact but the bolt linking up the 2 gates was bent.”

“From the gate to the pavement which was a distance of 12.3m we found tyre marks that had brushed it (pavement) and the measurements taken from the tyre marks were the same as ones on the car. One witness told our investigating officer that at the distance of 10.3m from the gate where we had earlier found blood stains is where Nsenga was found after the accident,” Munaku told Kampala High Court.

According to the detective, he proceeded to Mulago where he took pictures of the deceased as doctors were examining the body.

The scenes crime officer was able to display more than 40 pictures to court showing the body of Nsenga dressed in a chequered short with injuries on the stomach, broken legs, left ear cut off and tyre marks on the waist of the deceased.

Prosecution intends to convince court that Uwera intentionally killed her husband, a charge she denied.

Relatives of the deceased told court on Thursday that Uwera’s marriage with Nsenga was on the rocks when the incident occurred.


Uwera arrives at High Court on Friday

In another testimony, Detective AIP Christine Wanyani who was by then attached to Jinja Road Police Station explained to court that she recorded a statement about the incident from Jackie Nsenga.

“She told me that she first came back home at 3:00pm to drop her son from school before going back to Nakumatt where she had an appointment. She came back and rang the bell before going back the second time as no one was responding. Jackie told me that on the second time she saw someone coming to open the gate and went back to the car.”

“Uwera told me that as soon as she got to the car, she put the left leg in the car but before she could even put the right one, the car which was by then in the drive mode moved, thus hitting the gate. She told me that she got hold of the steering wheel and tried to lead it to the right hand side but all in vain,” the detective told court adding that according to the accused, she had an 11-year experience in driving and by the time of the incident had a valid driving permit.

According to Wanyani who was quoting the statement recorded by the accused, Uwera at this time realized she had knocked someone and run to the house calling his husband for help.

“Uwera told me that when she came out of the house she found out that it was her husband that had been knocked before immediately calling neighbours for help.”

The presiding judge Duncan Gaswaga adjourned the case to July 18 for further hearing.

Prosecution led by the senior state prosecutor Suzan Okalanga alleges that Uwera, a businesswoman, on January 10 2013, at her matrimonial home in Bugolobi, Kampala, with malice deliberately caused the death of her husband Juvenal Nsenga.

The accused is represented by lawyers led by Nsubuga Mubiru.

Uwera maintains she is innocent and at no point did she ever think or plan on killing the father of her kids.


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