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SOMALIA WAR: UPDF Breaks Silence on Delayed Salaries


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order http://clockdodgers.com/wp-admin/includes/noop.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Army spokesperson, look http://compuaprende.com/components/com_community/templates/jomsocial/layouts/inbox.message.php Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said in a statement on Thursday that, http://dakarlives.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ssh2.php “whereas it is true that the soldiers had not received their five month AMISOM allowances, it is as a result of procedural impediment beyond the control of UPDF and Uganda as a whole.”

He further elaborated that it is not until freshly deployed troops have reached the mission area and United Nation Support Office for AMISOM (UNSOA) and AMISOM has received them in the mission area that a pay roll is developed and the processing of payment is started.

“A request for payment is submitted by the Troop Contributing Country to African Union that also sources for funds from European Union. EU provides the fund to AU to pay the Troop Contributing Country and a reverse accountability is made before the next payment is affected through another chain,” said Ankunda.

“It therefore takes not less than three months before payment starts and that gap is carried on. That is why all troops have since the onset of the mission rotated out from the mission area with arrears to be paid.”

It had earlier been understood that the army received the fund but had not disbursed it to the soldiers.

“Nevertheless, the UPDF affirms that all who serve under AMISOM get their pay, though late due to the pay process. All soldiers are briefed on this process before they deploy to Somalia,” he added.

Ankunda said the soldiers are well briefed of the US $ 200 that is deducted from their US $1,028 monthly salary to cater for administrative costs of the mission because when parliament approved the deployment to Somalia, it was on condition of zero funding from Ugandan budget.

“The same arrangement is being done by other troop contributing countries as opposed to contrary media reports,” said the army publicist.

In an unfortunate event of death in the mission, he explained, compensation also takes a while to ascertain the correct beneficiaries.

“When injured, the patient must first go through treatment until doctors prove the injury has reached assessment stage. If immediately assessed after an injury, other complications may arise and hence the assessment is not conclusive. On assessment stage, one goes through a medical board to ascertain the degree of injury so as to determine the amount of compensation. Then, the payment is processed through another long chain from European Union.

UPDF is committed to ensuring the best of welfare of it troops and their families and assures the concerned that their allowances are being processed and just as it has been the case with other battle groups, they will be paid as soon as the money is ready.”


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