23 ‘Siniya’ Students Arrested for Attacking Trinity College

Twenty three students of Kigezi College Butobere (Siniya) are being detained at Kabale Central Police station for attacking Kabale Trinity College and injuring five students and a gatekeeper.

Elly Maate the Kigezi regional police spokesperson says the students were arrested on Sunday night at the request of the college administrators.

The students were reportedly revenging after they were chased from the sports day of Kabale Trinity College on Saturday.

“They appeared on Trinity College’s sports day without invitation and tried to invade the girls section. After the intervention of police, website they left and everyone thought it was over, ” said Maate.

However at around 7 pm on Sunday, the boys attacked the College assaulting the gatekeeper and destroying a number of structures.

“The attack was unfortunate, but we are still investigating; and those that will be found guilty will be taken to court and charged,” added Maate.

Joseph Twine Muganga, the Headmaster for Kigezi College Butobere, confirmed that the arrested were his students and that he was supportive of their arrest.

“We had a roll call in school last night and discovered that some of the students were away. Our investigations proved that some could have been involved in the unfortunate incident,” he said.

“However, when police came to our school some fearful innocent ones were apprehended while running away from them. We shall sort them out and let the law work on the guilty ones,” said Muganga.

Muganga however denied allegations that the two schools have been at loggerheads before.

“For the four years of my leadership in Butobere, I have not seen any disagreement with Kabale Trinity College. We have been having a good relationship and in most of our occasions, we would hire their band,” said Muganga.

Joab Tumwebarize, the Kabale Trinity College director said despite this action, his school shall continue co-operating with Kigezi College Butobere.



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