MPs Protest Action against Pregnant Policewomen


Spearheaded by the Chairperson of this association, story Hon Betty Amongin, the women are furious and say that the recent action by the body violates the labor rights of the Policewomen.

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The Woman Member of Parliament for Pallisa District, Amoit Mary who also attended the press briefing said, “ it’s the Policewomen’s rights to have a maternity leave according to the Constitution of Uganda and that women’s rights should be observed in all Government institutions.”

The order to remove at least 4 pregnant Police officers from Parliament’s security detail came after the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kaihura visited, made an assessment of the security at Parliament and further gave several recommendations a few days ago which have since been effected.

This followed a scene, when Parliament security was overran by two youths, Robert kayanja And Norman Ahimbisibwe who sneaked two yellow colored piglets into the Parliament’s parking.

Recently, Parliament also passed a resolution to have a baby center at the premises where members could cater for their children and in this financial year, the funds to start up this center will be provided.

However, there is a standing order in all the security agencies that any female security officer has to get pregnant only after a period of 4years in service.


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