Kagame: Genocide will never happen in Rwanda Again


ampoule geneva;”>“It shouldn’t have happened, it can’t happen now and it won’t happen again. Yes, it was there but we can’t allow to fail to stand up to any challenge like the one that befell our nation then,” Kagame explained while addressing journalists at his Presidential Palace at Kacyiru on Thursday afternoon.

The Rwandan President further rubbished claims by Western powers of political persecution by his government against his opponents and stressed that they are entitled to their own opinions.

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“In any case I personally have no business in being the leader of this country. If that’s what you were told, then that’s your opinion. I don’t know about Western opinion but that of Rwandan people aims at fitting in the world,” Kagame noted.

“The West is not the standard on which we measure ourselves; you have to believe what you see with your eyes. This country 20 years ago wasn’t where you see it today; The streets were full of dead bodies that dogs were just dragging them around, yet the same people who are criticizing us now were
part of the tragedy,” Kagame fumed.

The Rwandan President stressed that it hasn’t been easy for Rwanda to forget the 1994 tragedy but noted that they had beaten all odds and stood firm to develop the country.

“Rwanda is a geographically small country but people of Rwanda are not small. They (west) have freedom to say what they want but we as Rwandan people must move on and can’t lose focus of our goals,”
asserted Kagame.

Kagame further explained that his country has embarked on the 4GLTE internet as one of the ways of rebuilding themselves in terms of skills and infrastructure which he said would help connect Rwandan
people among themselves and the entire world.

“Its part and parcel of our efforts to be undertaken as much as people call us third world but we aim high for quality services, products and thinking,” Kagame noted.


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