Gov't to Institutionalise Herbal Medicine Research

purchase sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The new guidelines are among others set to ensure research evaluation of herbal medicines for their scientific soundness and ethical appropriateness.

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pills sans-serif;”>Speaking to journalist at Uganda Media Centre, Dr Fred Nakwagala, Consultant Physician UNCST, noted that in the recent guidelines that were issued in 2007, research made by herbalists of traditional medicine were never catered for adding that the council is now set to regulate their research and findings before being left to be consumed by Ugandans.

“Many herbal researchers have mushroomed in the country whose research have never been authenticated by the National research body; the new guidelines have streamlined the procedures through which herbs will be evaluated and monitored,” Nakwagala noted.

Dr Nakwagala said the guidelines that are to be made public during the 6th Annual National Research Ethics Conference (ANREC) scheduled 9th to 10th are revised to accommodate new developments in the research field.

He revealed that the Uganda National Health Research Organisation is one of the new research institutions that was formed to help in conducting research in the country which is to be considered and incorporated by the new guidelines.

“These guidelines are to be used by researchers and research ethics committees established in universities and research organizations across the country.”

“During the 6th ANREC next week, the research community in Uganda will reassess our commitment to adhere to principles of research ethics such as respect for persons, beneficence and justice, in real life during research conduct.”

The theme of the 6th ANREC is: “Strengthening research ethics in Uganda” and hot topics like ethics in the digital age, traditional medicine and animal research, professionalism and community engagement will be discussed at the conference.


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