Museveni, Kenyatta to Attend 6th Tripartite Summit in Rwanda


ask pharm geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The meeting will review the progress made on implementation of the directives given during the 5th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit held in Nairobi on May 2, 2014 to provide direction on deepening regional integration.

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The Northern Corridor Projects is an initiative of East African leaders aimed at fast-tracking regional development through joint infrastructure, trade, political and economic integration.

President Kenyatta in May said the East African Community programme on infrastructure is on track and good progress has been made.

He noted with satisfaction the progress made in the priority areas identified as crucial since the first infrastructure Summit in Entebbe, Uganda last year.

He said progress has been made to ease congestion at the ports and diverse barriers along the main transport corridors that hindered faster movement of goods.

“Containers from Mombasa once took 18 days to reach Kampala; that has now been reduced to 4 days. The journey from Mombasa to Kigali now takes six days in contrast to 22 days not long ago,” the President said.

It was noted that the launch of the East African Tourist Visa and use of identity documents to travel within the region was evidence of the desire for deeper integration.

The single tourist visa eased travel and turned the participating countries into a single tourist destination, said the President.

President Kenyatta added, “Our acceptance of ID cards for travel across our borders substantially eases our people’s travel, opening new opportunities for citizens and cross-border trade.”

On energy, the President said deficiencies in production are being addressed through investment in generation and transmission.

The projects include production of geothermal power, construction of oil pipelines, power interconnection and construction of an oil refinery.

The Memorandum on Geothermal Energy was signed in February, while the electricity inter-connections between East African countries are expected to be completed by April next year.

During the Kigali Summit, leaders will discuss progress on the removal of the remaining non-tariff barriers to promote inter-State trade.

The leaders are also expected to tackle the issue of terrorism that poses a major threat to achievements in the region.

It is hoped that in the near term, East Africa will need to expand, upgrade and rehabilitate the transport network throughout the entire region to open wider economic opportunities for its peoples.

While in Kigali, President Museveni and Kenyatta will also attend Rwanda’s 20th National Liberation Day.


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