I Was Wasting Time at UNEB – Fagil Mande


here geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Speaking to ChimpReports in an exclusive telephone interview, Fagil Mande revealed that from the time he resigned at UNEB as the chairman, he has been up and down doing personal business.

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Fagil revealed that he does not regret leaving UNEB and that he did not lose anything but instead it was unfortunate that the country lost an irreplaceable academic demagogue like him.

He also noted that it has even helped him get time to accomplish more in his private work and to enjoy his family.

Mande who resigned on the April 25 following discontent about the re-appointment of Mathew Bukenya as the UNEB Executive Secretary by President Museveni, said the time he wasted at UNEB almost saw his firm collapse in his absence.

Mande also asserted that report by the IGG that recommended Bukenya’s reappointment was unfair and he could not continue working in a corrupt environment for the sake of his integrity.

“I couldn’t just keep signing for a salary and allowances the way Bukenya does; I need to effect reforms and make act contributions to the body and my country; it’s not fair that Bukenya at his age gets another term yet there is already a potential younger person to replace him,” remarked Mande.


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