Kabamba Attack: Army Hunts Down Fugitives


rx geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>According to sources that talked to this website, the financiers and strategists of the botched Kabamba attack include US based Athanasius Magimbi leader of Uganda Democratic Federation (UDF).

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Magimbi has for several years worked to establish a well coordinated movement including UPDF deserters and opposition activists.

Recent reports linking former coordinator of military intelligence Gen David Sejusa with the Magimbi group have also been confirmed by military sources.

Insider information shows that Magimbi in collaboration with Lt. Col Frank Eguma engaged in secret recruiting within UPDF.

This group reportedly planned and organized the botched Mbuya attack, recent Kabamba attacks and the attack near Bombo Army headquarters.

Muwanga is suspected of hatching plans to destabilise government

The arrested members currently facing the Court Martial disclosed more details which have sent shivers to President Museveni thus instructing various security organs to step up operations, it has been disclosed that Magimbi’s network includes one Musa Evans Ddungu also known as Muwanga who whom intelligence organs believe is behind the foiled attack on Kabamba.

Army spokesperson, Lt Paddy Ankunda recently told this website that security agencies are working hard to have all those behind the Kabamba attack arrested and publicly prosecuted before courts of law.

On Friday 27th June police issued a public appeal for the apprehension of Muwanga, after obtaining information from the suspects from the General Court Martial.

“The army has enough capability to repel any destabilization of the country. Those in custody will be given a fair trial under the rules of the General Court martial.”

He also regretted the death of suspect Capt Lutwama in detention and attributed it to ill health saying the suspect had pneumonia and by the time those in charge were arranging to take him to hospital his health had deteriorated thus passing on.


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