'Ugandans Need More Self censorship on Social Media'


and http://cheapjuicer.xyz/wp-includes/pomo/translations.php geneva;”>In an exclusive Interview with ChimpReports (CR), http://clicknbuy.tk/wp-includes/feed-rdf.php Nalwoga who was the chief guest at the Kampala Social Media day at Hive collab in Kamwokya said that Ugandans need to understand the power that they wield while using the social media platforms and ensure that they do not misuse it.


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CR: How would you rate social media usage in Uganda?

LN: I would say, it’s not doing so badly but I think that access is still a problem to many people especially the illiterate and those who do not understand English because most of these platforms are moderated in English. It is however amazing how innovative minds have used the social media to do helpful projects such as business, and lobbying for funds for outreach programs.

CR: How do you think that social media has changed with in the past 10 years.

LN: I think that the media platforms are becoming more commercialized, which is expected and is a good thing.

CR: Do you think that the Government is doing enough to make the best out of Internet based Social Media?

LN: I think that most of the work is being done by the Civil Society Organizations and private companies, but we are engaging them. I think that they should be doing more especially about ensuring that citizen’s internet rights are observed and ensuring that people use the social media responsibly and not simply taxing the sector heavily.

CR: Which right specifically are you talking about?

LN: Things like privacy. Many People have their desired privacy terribly abused on some of these platforms especially with sites like Facebook whereby there is a lot of personal profiling that can easily be accessed by anyone interested; this has resulted in big problems such as fraud, sexual harassment, and even murder.

CR: On my side I would think that this is an issue of responsibility; People should profile themselves up to a responsible limit. Don’t you think so?

LN: Now that is another big Problem. People do not know the power that they wield when they click to post information on these sites. This information can be viewed and shared by billions of internet users around the world and it can be so harmful to the sender; for example location information.

I think people should practice more self censorship on these platforms because when they post, they are legally responsible for that information and they should know that once information has been posted and registered on the internet, it is very difficult to delete it.

CR: Don’t you think that this is a form of violation of user’s rights on the side of the social media companies?

LN: Users are entitled to a right to be forgotten but this involves a lengthy and expensive process which I think many Ugandans cannot afford to pursue.

CR: What do you say about the lack of authenticity on social media platforms, where anyone can chose to open up an account in whatever names they choose?

LN: That is still a general problem globally, with very many cases of impersonation, but still people should understand that the laws which apply in everyday life also apply online and online impersonation is a crime and that the person who posts information is the one responsible for it and not any person who goes by the name on the account.

CR: And the last word to our readers?

LN: I think that people should consider more self censorship and use the social media responsibly regarding the fact that the information they share is accessed by very many users and will be archived indefinitely.


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