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'Born-Again Churches a Major National Security Concern'


page http://cooperatition.org/wp-admin/css/colors/quad.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The Force’s Political Commissar Col Felix Kulaigye said on Friday that for the last 10 years, buy http://crewftlbr.org/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/admin-views/linked-post-section.php peace and security have been restored nationwide at the macro (national) level by the use of arms, clinic http://checkhimout.ca/wp-admin/includes/ms.php but the country’s security is still largely threatened at the micro (societal/personal level).

Personal insecurity, he said, cannot be rectified by government, but by non-state actors and if left to flourish it could turn out a major national security concern.

Speaking at an East African security conference held by civil society at in Kampala, Kulayigye highlighted a number of non-state factors which continue to incubate animosity amongst the population atop of which is divisionism based on tribe and religion.

Kulaigye pointed out the Christian church as one of the biggest hindrances to unity and national cohesion that must be watched, in the near future.

“We are all Christians but something is wrong. We have spilt ourselves into hostile rivalry religious groupings,” he said.

“The situation is even worse amongst the Born-again Pentecostal churches. A person reads one verse of the bible and goes to start his own independent church, – creating further subdivision,” he noted.

“The question of the day is always, “which church do you go to? Who is your pastor? Jesus never started a church, but a faith and he called us to believe in him. If we all lived like him, there would not be these hostilities that are ripping our society apart.”

Kulaigye spoke with sentiment about how the revival (balokole) churches were living off and amassing a lot of wealth from their followers and breeding hostilities through unhealthy competition.


He noted, “I am a Christian but I must say that the leaders of these churches are not following the script. Everything is all about materialism and pursuit for property acquisition: that is why you see very huge churches cropping up everyday to compete with the others.”

“This now begins the next level of conflict. People have lost their wives and husbands to pastors. The leaders are serving their personal interests at the expense of their followers; Christianity is being undermined.”

At this pace, Kulaigye said, the churches were taking the trend of world religious extremism and could turn out to be a major terrorism threat.

“This is exactly what is happening in Islamic terrorists groups around the world. People are using the Koran to serve their interests and killing innocent people in name of Allah.”

Crooked analysis

In a brief response to the Colonel, Pastor Michael Kyazze of the Omega Healing Center church on Entebbe road, described Kulayigye’s remarks as a “crooked analysis” and accused his government of trying to grab the role of the Church.

He told out reporter, “If he (Kulayigye) believes the Nation is not pacified (because of the church) then it will never be pacified because of his attitude and crooked analysis.”

“The truth is that long serving leaders always end up trying to seize the role of the church and to violet God’s temple and work. Even king uzziah did that. We wish him luck.”

Pastor Martin Sempa of One love Church Makerere also expressed discomfort with the remarks.

He wondered why government was pinning them for causing insecurity when they have in fact spearheaded the fight against it.

“We have tried and government knows, to report criminal elements in or churches, but at times we are overwhelmed.”

“We have some government agents who are hiding amongst us and posing as pastors. The likes of Pastor Kiwedde, Mondo Mugisha and others. These people have over 10 guns on them and have body guards. These are people we have reported to authorities and ended up being victimized instead,” Sempa told us in a phone interview.

“Our pastors have been attacked with acid and others killed by the religious extremists Kulayigye is talking about. You cannot blame a crime on the victim.”


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